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Rabbit concerns?

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    Rabbit concerns?

    My rabbit has these 'skin flabs' on his upper stomach, a bit behind his front legs.. I felt them before, and they just felt like loose skin, so I passed it off as the symptoms of old age. Now I'm noticing the rolls are scarce in fur, and I'm more concerned. I'm going to feel them again, and if they feel odd, I'll try and get him up to the vet. The scarcity could be from him laying on a wire mesh floor. He's technically my parents rabbit, so I don't really have the choice of putting him in there, and the vet says it's 'fine as long as the mesh has a certain spacing between each bar' but I can put some platforms in there and see if it'll help.
    What do you think it is?
    If it is a tumor, should I remove it? I hear that surgeries are very, very risky for rabbits and if it's cancerous, it'll just come back anyways so I'm not sure if I should remove it, or just place him on Metacam so he's not in pain.

    Is it normal for loose skin to be scarce in fur? I've never had a big breed of rabbit/cat/dog where loose skin on the belly is normal, so I don't know how they should look.
    It doesn't look like a tumor; it's more like loose, flabby skin and it isn't shapen like tumors tend to be. It's 8 months till he sees a vet again, so I don't really wanna wait if it is something serious like a tumor.

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    UPDATE: It is definitely just loose skin. His diet has changed recently. Could this cause it?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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