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Dog shoes - anyone using them?

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    Dog shoes - anyone using them?

    Hi dog owners

    I have seen lots of dog shoes for sale recently but really don't know if my dog would actually be able to walk with such things.
    Has anyone tried them? What would be the reason for using them - cold weather or hot?
    How do you choose the size?
    Please share your experience (or rather your dog experience )

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    No, I never used dog shoes or boots on my pets.

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    Many people don't wear their dogs boots.

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    I have never used dog shoes before, during temperatures i keep my dog inside. Maybe i should try them though.

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    if the dog gets those cysts between the toes or has a problem with cracking pads on their feet you can buy doggy socks to put on them and when you take them outside to keep the feet dry use the dog boots but the best and easiest thing for that is to cut up a hot water bottle and use velcro to secure it. When back inside take it off but keep the socks on.
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    It would be best to bring your dog to a store and try boots on........if the snow plows put down salt in your area it will burn your dogs paw pads.....could make him sick too. If your dog won't tolerate them you can put wax on their feet.....mushers wax works well.

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