I have one cat and I use a large covered litter box for him (in the basement). I use regular (non-clumping) Fresh Step litter. I do a complete change once a week, which is around $3 worth of litter. This week is the first time I waited 11 days to change it out. There's never been a household odor due to the litter box, and I clean out the solid waste on a daily basis.

When I got the kitten last December, he had a serious diarrhea issue. He was to the vet several times, taking different liquid medications daily, stool samples, etc. Finally, over a month later, he began to have normal bowel movements without the meds.

I guess I became obsessive about keeping a clean litter box from the getgo, because I did not want him to soil anywhere else in the house. Now he's been fine and reliable with using the box for a long time, and I'm wondering if I'm changing it out too often.

With the expensive food I feed him (Blue Buffalo Kitten and Paul Newman canned), and the pricey treats (Wellness salmon/turkey jerky)...I'm really starting to try to cut back on needless expenses with him.

How often do you completely change out the litter in your cat's litter box? Thanks for any replies.