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Betta tank upgrade?

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    Betta tank upgrade?

    Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.59.28 PM.jpg This is draco, my male elephant eared betta's tank. It is a 10 gallon with no heater or filter. Although I will be getting a heater once it gets cooler here. The temperature is a constant 80 degrees and I am doing 10% w.c. every other day. He is fed twice a day. One soaked betta pellet in the morning and usually one mosquito or small moth at night. I dont have any substrate simply because I have heard of the benefits of a bare bottom tank (easy cleaning, checking for feces, etc.). The bottom is painted black on the outside. He does have a few plants he can lay on if he gets tired. Any suggestions on what I should add?

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    You can add more fish to accompany him, two is better than one, right? Besides, shells and glowing stones are good choices since some fish like glowing things.

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    Try anchoring the plants to some weight maybe?
    Add in cherry shrimps or a snail

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    Hello! To start I would recommend adding aquarium gravel. It is very easily cleaned. What I use for my tanks and the tanks at work is a hand held pump. Betas like heavily planted environments so I would add some live plants, and anchor them into the gravel. You can add more fish in with your beta, but it is never recommended to add another beta. He will be happiest if he is the only one in the tank. Betas are known to fight for their territory. The two kinds of fish I have seen to be most compatible are a school of either guppies or neon tetras. You could add 3-5 to your tank. It is never guaranteed that a beta will want any other fish in its tank, but you can always try! Like previously stated, betas do like colored stones, mine all have them in their tanks. They like to push them around. Enjoy your beta, they are great fish!

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