Interesting info about hairless dogs and cats and how they came about, special care, etc.

There are some special considerations if you share your life with a hairless dog or cat, especially when it comes to caring for their skin.
Hairless cats may need to be wiped down or even bathed regularly, because they don't have fur to absorb all the oil on their skin. Hairless dogs need regular baths too typically once a week or every other week.

If you don't bathe them often enough, they may develop acne, but if you bathe them too often or with the wrong shampoo (best to use an organic, coconut-oil-based shampoo with no harsh chemicals) their skin may become dry and irritated. Coconut oil makes a good post-bath moisturizer.

Skin infections can be common in hairless pets, including yeast overgrowth in cats. You'll also need to protect your dog from the elements even more so than a fur-covered pet.

They are prone to sunburn (consider the use of an animal-friendly natural sunscreen when your pet will be outdoors for longer periods) and are also vulnerable to both hot and cold temperatures, as fur helps regulate the skin's surface temperature.

Hairless dogs living in cold climates should wear a coat when they go outdoors and may also enjoy wearing a soft sweater when they're inside.