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    Adopted cat avoiding and hiding all day

    You're very kind to adopt her and want her to be happy, she's a pretty girl! TTouch has a lot of good advice, it will take a lot of time and patience to get her to open up with you. I would softly speak to her often and try and let her know she can trust me. I never had experience with a...
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    Finally got a puppy!

    Thanks, looking forward to your photos when you get a chance. I haven't been very active either, we all get busy sometimes. :)
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    When can I get a second puppy?

    I would wait at least a year until the pup you have now is fully trained and well behaved. That way, when you bring a new pup into your home, he will have a good example and learn from the older one. The older one will still be young enough to play with and bond with the new puppy, even up to...
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    Abscess above cats eye. All vets are closed until Monday.

    I have no advice, you have to be careful of what you use near the eyes. If he was my cat, I'd definitely keep him indoors and get him to the doctor on Monday, as early as possible. Good luck.
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    Thank you LPC. :)
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    My dad is leaving his cats alone for a month. What do i do?

    Can't you care for the cats while they're gone?
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    My puppy seems like he can’t breath

    @Jagonzalez199, how is the dog now, what caused the breathing problem and how did the doctor treat it?
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    Finally got a puppy!

    She's a big girl now, bet she loves playing in the fall leaves. :)
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    My puppy seems like he can’t breath

    No time to play around. Get the poor pup to a vet as soon as possible!
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    Pet Costumes! Fun!

    Cute doggie @jami522!
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    Halloween Pet Costumes!

    Have fun with your dog! I've never dressed my pets in Halloween costumes.
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    New Nember

    @stephen80549, welcome to the forum! You're very kind for adopting those kitties, good luck with them.
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    In Loving Memory of Biscuit

    So sorry @mearaab, my condolences. She was a lovely girl, may she rest in peace.
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    What are you listening to?