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    A Macaw with funny name

    Bo Jangles is a large Macaw with the funniest name! This girl needs a home too! She is 16 years and VERY well trained, but most likely not treated well/ under a lot of stress with her previous owner, resulting in her feather-plucking. Read more about her story and how you can adopt her if...
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    Orange Kitty- Female

    Is it true orange females are rare? This little one is up for adoption for anyone in Texas who wants a sweet addition to their family! From Maricats Rescue group. More pics on her listing-...
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    Macy the 8-week Beagle/Dachshund

    Cute pic I found of a baby Beagle - Dachshund mix. "Macy" is too cute! Great coloring too. Her listing and story:
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    Colorful Calico

    Found a gorgeous picture of a female calico: Available for adoption at Concerned Citizens for Animals in Greenville, SC Credit:
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    Beautiful Grey Shorthair

    Just sharing "Cupid", a gorgeous 4mo. old Grey from a pet shelter in Indiana. Is it true that some of the sweetest pets can come from a local shelter?
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    Looking for a family in Denver, CO area

    This is Waylon, the sweetest pup looking for a home. He's a Pit Bull Terrier & American Bulldog Mix, and was rescued from a kill shelter when his time was up.. Very good personality, most likely ignored by previous owners. Since he loves anyone new he meets, Waylon is the perfect fit for any...
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    Hi All- New to the community

    I'm new to the group, and look forward to sharing with others a love for animals and all the adoptable pets I come across! :)