My name is Catherine, or Cat for short. I like all animals (including insects and anything that can be considered life - I can't imagine how it's possible to not like any animal) but have a special interest in reptiles, probably because of the devastating misunderstanding held by others making them a prime target for hatred and loathing. I feel I have to look out for the vulnerable so when I'm told my pets are gross or horrible I just love them even more. Unfortunately I do get some hostility from ignorant people and it doesn't seem to matter how nice or polite or patient I am, because they hate reptiles I'm fair game for attack apparently.

I also suffer with Social Anxiety Disorder so in the early days I found this sort of bullying very hard to deal with but have learnt to deal with it and continue to provide exceptionally high standards of welfare to whatever animal comes into my life. I have never purchased an animal but I have accepted from other owners/rescue group I knew personally, when they could no longer care for their reptiles and asked me specifically to take them in. I've also volunteered as a fosterer for reptiles in need of care.

I was inspired to study animals after meeting JD, my first snake, as it was apparent that there was so much I misunderstood about snakes and I wanted to correct my knowledge and learn more about animals in general, how much more didn't I know? I had to find out so I studied BSc (Hons) Zoo Biology (previously called Exotic Animal Science). I got my degree and I'm working on getting a job in the animal sector, everyone wants you to know how to drive so I'm currently taking lessons and should stand a better chance of getting the job I want once I have my license.

I have quite a few hobbies including photography, scuba diving, bouldering (indoor rock climbing), cycling and gym. I'm a photographer and have done quite a few jobs including weddings, retail, product for private sellers, bands and whole gigs, portraits and pets. I personally prefer pet and wild animal photography. I also travel abroad a fair bit and always bring my camera along!

Photography and animals
Nottingham, UK


Feel free to visit my website for information on Reptilian Care




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