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    Finally got a puppy!

    She is looking great!
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    I found some stray cats near my area

    Hopefully they get adopted immediately!
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    Cerenia Danger

    Thank you for the heads up. Hopefully everything gets better!
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    Omg so cute

    That is crazy cute. Thank you for sharing this.
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    Stress and Anxiety

    I have read that pets get affected too. However, my pet is having the best time of his life.
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    check this out

    That vet is a hero. The dog is lucky to have you and your daughter!
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    Dog fear / trust, toothless agression

    Very well said, Linda. I also think that training would really help in this situation.
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    Doggie Dementia, separation issues...... Anyone have some input.

    This. This is the perfect thing to do in my opinion.
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    Cytopoint is it safe ????????

    I would stay away from them. A lot of people already had really bad experiences.
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    Small pink bump under my puppy’s tail?

    That is the best option. Hopefully everything goes well!
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    I have never. I hope that the comments here are helpful, good luck.
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    Grapes - My Dog ate 1 - How Dangerous?

    That is so nice to hear! Glad she's okay now.
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    Favorite Apps

    That is really nice. I use study bunny too, it has been really helpful.
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    Volunteering At Nursing Homes Isn't Sad

    I agree with you, it isn't as bad as others make it out to be.
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    my spoiled bengals

    Thank you for sharing those information Alpha. They are really helpful.