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    I don't think my husband enjoys having a dog anymore...

    Girl, I think you need to talk to your husband. We cannot give you an absolute answer. Good luck!
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    My dog Cash

    the color makes me think like the father was choc lab. but ya, I also see sheepdog totaly.
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    My Dog is having complications from Cytopoint

    Wow! She sounds sooo great:)
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    My dog Cash

    wow! so beautiful!
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    My Dog is having complications from Cytopoint

    Hope she feels better :)
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    Finally adopting a cat

    maybe brownie? custard? something along those lines maybe...
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    Not gonna be on for a little while

    Hey guys! im going out of town to eretz yisrael, and my phone wont have any wifi there. we are gonna be there for 2 weeks-2 months so i will see you when i get back!
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    New Kittens!!

    i can try
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    How to train guinea pigs?

    Hi everyone! I heard that guinea pigs can be trained, and pretty easily. The only "tricks" my guinea pigs know is one knows that when I make a circle with my hands, they walk through, and one potty-trained herself to only poop in her house. Any ideas?
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    New Kittens!!

    sorta both! :)
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    New Kittens!!

    Hi! Quick update. We are gonna bring the cats upstairs on Saturday. Since the dogs know that they are not allowed to go downstairs, we keep the kittens there. the dogs have been sniffing the top of the stairs and whining a little bit, they want to see the cats! so the day after tomorrow...
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    Hello everyone im new, im looking for good cat food for my kitty, shes getting old.

    ok, but my friend uses it for her dog, and reccomended it to me so i thought i would try it..