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    My new African dwarf frogs!

    I saw these in the pet shop and thought they looked really cute. I presume you need a really large tank for them? I'm just starting out and don't want to invest in anything ambitious until I am more experienced. Their colouring reminds me of Pebbles and Crystal perhaps?
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    gueanea pigs hard to pick up when i clean cage

    I have made cuddling my guinea pigs part of the morning routine when I clean their cage. They barely tolerate it and don't allow me to touch them at any other time. I feel quite jealous when I see clips on Facebook of people sitting with a guinea pig on their lap!
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    Don't Mix Your Shrimp!

    Thank you. A brief update...all the shrimp are now dead. Feeling very upset, but I suppose I'll have to put it down to experience.
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    Don't Mix Your Shrimp!

    I'm sorry I seem to have sparked off an argument! I appreciate your advice, it's all very confusing when different sources give different information. I do weekly water changes and add Seachem prime each time. I understood that was the best product to use. I tested for ammonia and it was 0. My...
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    Sick goldfish

    Sorry to hear about your fish. You obviously did your best to save him.
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    Don't Mix Your Shrimp!

    I'm new at fish keeping, so rely on the internet for advice. The advice about keeping different species of shrimps appears to be wrong. I was having a problem with algae, so decided to get some shrimps. I bought 4 red cherry shrimp (it's only a 5gallon tank). Five weeks later, they all looked...
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    Would like some advice please.

    A quick update, if anyone is interested. Yesterday I bought 6 neon tetras. At the moment, I'm hovering over them like a new mother, hoping everything meets with their approval.
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    Looks like the kind that people carry around in their handbags.
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    Would like some advice please.

    Thanks a lot for all of that. This is all new stuff for me so I really appreciate your help. The filter is a sponge one and it's nice to know that it doesn't really need to be replaced as often as they say. The substrate is one I bought with the plants...I've thrown the bag away so can't tell...
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    Would like some advice please.

    Thanks very much. Yes, I read that plastic plants create toxins in a tank so I added three live ones and silicone mock-anemones which glow in the dark. I also put in a coconut as a cave. The coconut was originally for a hamster. When the hamster died, I kept everything. It just shows how you...
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    Would like some advice please.

    I recently asked for advice on caring for two baby snails which came with the aquatic plant I bought for my water garden.It wasn't my intention to have an aquarium...but here we are, I changed my mind. I bought a 5 gallon tank, it's heated to 29 degrees, and is now 'cycling' (not sure what that...
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    Developed an allergy to my Guinea Pigs

    I'm glad your story had a happy ending. Sounds as though they have the ideal habitat for pet guinea pigs.
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    Unexpected Free Gift!

    Thank you for that, LittleGoldSnail. I don't like snails in the garden but I enjoy watching these little creatures. I do actually have another bowl which was part of my halogen oven. Perhaps I can do as you suggest and put shrimps in it.
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    Unexpected Free Gift!

    I had a large glass bowl I needed to find a use for. It was too small to keep fish in, so I decided to create a sort of under water garden. I put coloured gravel in the bottom, bought some ornaments, filled the thing with water and then added a couple of living plants from the pet shop. The...
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    It's not always possible, I'm afraid.