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    Does this stool look abnormal?

    Looks okay to me
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    Is this a tick?

    It doesn't look like a tick from picture.
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    Need Help With Skin Issues.

    My cat was having skin issues that looked similar to yours. I had great success using a hemp skin cream from Happy Goose Hemp, cleared things up pretty quickly. My cat stopped itching and clawing at the spot as soon as I started using the cream so that was good, too cause she stopped making it...
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    Top 5 Dog Products

    1. Happy Goose Hemp, Hemp Extract makes my anxious dog less anxious, really calms him down 2. Ruffwear, Front Range Harness high quality, has held up fantastic, my dog seems very comfortable using it 3. Ruffwear, Tug Toy I don't know my dog just loves this thing 4. Happy Goose Hemp, Skin...
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    Anyone ever buy products for your pet off the Internet?

    Yes, I do. I shop online at Happy Goose Hemp, Pop's Pet Organics, places like that. Never at big corporate type places. I try to support small businesses, even online.