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  1. HaylieR1221

    Should someone say something?

    My neighborhood is very congested and has a lot of animals-both pets and strays-who are having the same issue as Max. See, one of the houses has been setting off large firework displays every 2-3 hours for over a month, and Max is too afraid to go outside after they've done it. One of my...
  2. HaylieR1221

    Dinner Guest

    Stark: Summer of 2016. He wanted to check on my brother-who had just gotten out of the hospital-and decided to have dinner at the table with the family.
  3. HaylieR1221

    Best toy brand for a tough chewer?

    Max can destroy any toy within matter of minutes, but he loves to play and will try to make his toys last until there is nothing left of it. I was wondering if anyone could reccomend toys for a tough chewing dog that might last him a little longer, at the very least?
  4. HaylieR1221

    My Dog's fur is changing. Is it a normal change?

    My dog, Max, is 10 months old, and I've had him since he was 8 weeks old. When he was younger, he had short, course, straight fur, but-over the past 3 months-his fur has changed to a softer, slightly longer, wavy coat. Is this a normal change?
  5. HaylieR1221

    Meet my boys!

    Hi, I'm Haylie and I have three fur babies; Stark is a seven year-old Brown Tabby, Ghost is a 2.5 year-old Solid white domestic long hair, and Max is a 10 month-old Lab/Pointer mix.