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  1. linda2147

    How to get stubborn cat to take pill?

    good luck with that. If you can kind of pinch his cheeks together and get his mouth open you may be able to do it that way. but you may need help as he is going to be mad and scratch you. and even if you can get it in her mouth she can still spit it out My bengal was so bad I had to take...
  2. linda2147

    Anti-arthritis drugs?

    tumeric is a natural anti i anti inflamatory and I don't think there are any side effects with it. My sister has an older dog and her vet recommended cbd oil and the dog is doing great on it. I don't know if I'd go that route but its working for her. Remadil is hard on the kidneys and some...
  3. linda2147

    Back on the forum

    you don't have to be without a cat, go to a shelter there are many waiting for a home.
  4. linda2147

    Getting a new cat

    it should be fine, once she's on medication for 24 hours she should be fine
  5. linda2147

    Urgent Skin Help For My Doberman

    start by getting rid of all scented things around the house, scented candles, laundry products, air freshners ect then get some unscented baby wipes and wipe his face, feet and belly everytime he comes inside. this will take off as much of the allergins as possible off his skin. then get a...
  6. linda2147

    Raw food diet

  7. linda2147

    When should you neuter your dog to avoid health risks?

  8. linda2147

    My dog won’t stop scratching and biting herself

    scratching and biting is a sign of an allergy. If its not food then its enviromental . Whatever you do don't let them talk you into a cytopoint shot. that shot is a killer but the vets will tell you there is no side effect. change her food to something that is not chicken, if that doesn't...
  9. linda2147

    I need advice for my sick dog.

    has a vet checked him out? They do change as they age but usually older than that for a shepherd. Wouldn't hurt to give him a vitamin, might perk him up a little
  10. linda2147

    New cat mommy

    welcome to the forum, I have three cats, a siamese rescue and two bengals.
  11. linda2147

    Love bites?

    petting over stimulates them and they will bite or scratch, their way of saying I've had enough. when they start flicking their tail or kind of roll over and grab you its time to leave them alone
  12. linda2147

    looking for a dog near San Francisco

    try a shelter or rescue, there are plenty of good dogs just waiting for a home
  13. linda2147

    Advice on where to begin?

    teach him the word "focus" and have him keep his eyes on you. When you say focus and he does give him praise and say good boy. do this around the house as well as the sit and focus on walks. It won't take long, when he sees another dog and gets distracted reinforce the sit and focus...
  14. linda2147

    Advice on where to begin?

    walk him with a harness instead of a collar. more control with the harness. Also teach him to sit on command and when you see another dog or person tell him to sit and when he does give him a treat. "The idea is to redirect him to something positive and change his mind . If all else fails...
  15. linda2147

    I have a concern about my dogs prescription medication.

    I still would tell the vet if I'm paying full price I want new meds, not expired.
  16. linda2147

    I have a concern about my dogs prescription medication.

    personally I wouldn't use outdated meds but it probably won't hurt depending on how long its out of date. I've been using for my generic flea and heartworm meds. Much cheaper and I've been using the generic for years and never had a problem with it.
  17. linda2147

    King Charles Cavalier 8 months old still coughs

    have they checked her for a trachea collapse? Do you walk her with a collar? If so change to a harness, the collar could damage her throat
  18. linda2147

    First post, just introducing myself and my kitties

    welcome to the forum. I have a german shepherd and three cats, a siamese rescue and two bengals. I'm not a fan of snakes and rodeents but to each his own.
  19. linda2147

    Cat eye problem

    I don't know what it is but you could try washing out the eye several times a day with warm milk. If there is any infection in or around the eye the lactose in the milk will pull it out
  20. linda2147

    My Dog Won’t Rest!!

    if its a partial tear in the knee it will heal on its own with rest but if its a full tear she will need surgery and three months of down time. So try to keep her as calm and quiet as you can and see if it heals on its own. Otherwise you are looking at a 2500 dollar surgery and is very...