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  1. LittleGoldSnail

    Just found a kitten

    She looks a lot more calico when you see her in person. We think she is a calico tabby mix or something. She has some splotchy areas that look very calico-ish, but also has very clear stripes in some areas. She’s really beautiful. She LOVES popcorn. It’s the funniest thing. When we first found...
  2. LittleGoldSnail

    Just found a kitten

    Oh yeah, she is totally a girl. She doesn’t need milk anymore, this thread is a couple months old. She is 14-15 wks old now. We are making plans to get her spayed soon. I have uploaded quite a few pictures, maybe they didn’t come threw though.
  3. LittleGoldSnail

    Just found a kitten

    Oh yes, we trim her nails. She is still feisty and will use her teeth when she can’t use her claws. It’s all just play though. When she gets out of her playful mood, then she will act super sweet and cuddly.
  4. LittleGoldSnail

    Just found a kitten

    Yeah, but I’ve had lots of cats before, and this little monster is something else. She’s a spaz. Lol. She is already boss of the house and would probably be boss of the whole neighborhood if she could get outside.:ROFLMAO:
  5. LittleGoldSnail

    Just found a kitten

    Here are some of the most recent photos of popcorn. She’s the sweetest thing sometimes, other times she is a little monster, lol 🤣☺ All joking aside, she loves laps and cuddling, but when she is in the mood for a fight, she is feisty! I have cuts all over my hands from her “playing”:rolleyes...
  6. LittleGoldSnail

    Hamster foot

    The pictures are very blurry, so it’s hard to tell what it is. I’m not an expert on rodents, so you might want to find a more active rodent forum. I hope he is okay though!
  7. LittleGoldSnail

    First post, just introducing myself and my kitties

    Welcome to the forum! I’ve got two kitties. A 6-7 year old fluffy black thing named Shadow, she is super sweet to me, but has a grudge against our kitten.:cautious: We also have little popcorn. 14 weeks or so by now I’m guessing. Exceptionally cute little calico tabby mix. She’s a feisty little...
  8. LittleGoldSnail

    Hamster foot

    Could you post photos?
  9. LittleGoldSnail

    A suet feeder

    There aren’t many bird where I live now, but I used to live in Oregon, and we had an elderberry tree that the big pleated billed woodpeckers would come eat off of. It was so cool. Those things were about the size of a big hawk. The big ones would get almost 20 inches head to tail and have almost...
  10. LittleGoldSnail

    I miss my snails...

    I guess I’m just reminiscing over my beautiful shelled buddies. as some of you might know, I used to have lots of pets snails. At one point, I had over a dozen helix aspersa, a pacific sideband and a Hesperian snail. None of which I was able take with me when we moved to another state. I now...
  11. LittleGoldSnail

    Help with my Gray tree frogs home

    Pothos are easy and don’t require a lot of light. If you want to try something more interesting, you could add some bromeliads. Those do well in terrariums and are compatible with that kind of environment.
  12. LittleGoldSnail

    I’m filterless! (my 10 gallon walstad)

    It highly depends. If you have a heavily planted walstad tank or something, and you do it right, then you can go filterless. In tanks that are not planted, it doesn’t work. Period. There won’t be enough oxygen, ammonia will build up, etc. and bad water quality leads to diseases, fungal...
  13. LittleGoldSnail

    Just found a kitten

    Shadow hisses and might swat or give a little chase if the kitten gets to close, but other than that there isn’t much physical conflict. The kitten thinks it’s a game. Maybe a playful kind of fear, but she doesn’t act stressed at all, infact, she will try to get shadow chase her so she can play...
  14. LittleGoldSnail

    Just found a kitten

    Sadly, no. Shadow still hates popcorn. I’m not really sure what to do at this point.
  15. LittleGoldSnail

    Just found a kitten

    I more recent photo of popcorn. :) She loves the fish tanks, lol. She has changed a lot and is growing so much. We will probably be spaying her in another month or two I think. Sadly however, the grump of shadow is growing to hate the kitten more and more with each passing week, so we are not...
  16. LittleGoldSnail

    What are some good cat food brands?

    The Kirkland stuff from Costco is good. They have a grain free kibble mix that is made with real salmon and sweet potato’s. Both my kitties like it. They also sell big cases of wet food that is only real meat (no by-products). I was having a hard time for a while because all the wet food I...
  17. LittleGoldSnail

    My goldfish are cuter then yours.

    My goldfish are cuter then yours.
  18. LittleGoldSnail

    Madeleine’s Story the damage from a rabies vaccine and Cytopoint injection given to her the same day at the same time.

    Yes, it’s actually that way with a lot of vaccines (including leukemia, measles and a few other things). It is possible to get it (or a mutated strain of it, depending on the vaccine) from the vaccine itself.
  19. LittleGoldSnail

    Madeleine’s Story the damage from a rabies vaccine and Cytopoint injection given to her the same day at the same time.

    I agree. the only thing we get for our cats is what is mandatory (the rabies vaccine), and that is only because the law requires it (which bothers me, the government shouldn’t be deciding what goes into my pet’s body). I have a big problem with vaccines in general. I’ve researched a lot and...
  20. LittleGoldSnail

    Hello everyone! (Can you take a look at my clear dog muzzle?)

    In most cases I agree with that, but I have known of a few cases where a muzzle is useful. For example, a friend of mine has a small dog that got paralyzed a couple years ago. After that, it got extreme anxiety and refuses to parted from its owner, so she has to take it everywhere with her in...