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    I am looking for info on dachshunds?

    Hello, I would like some info on dachshund puppies. I have always wanted one and before I get one I want to know a little, such as average cost, temperament, and emotional care for them. Is there anyone who could help with that?
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    tiger salamanders

    Hello so I have recently got a tiger salamader for someone who was rehomeing them they have a little bump on their meck and by their foot and i dont know what it is so anyone know what it is.
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    Red foot tortoise

    Hello, I have some questions about my Female red foot tortoise I just got her yesterday January 6th and I was wondering how long does it take them to eat when you get them because she hasn't eaten. how long will it take for her to warm up to me so I can feed her?
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    I need help with my painted turtle

    i have had a painted turtle for about 7 mounths and i feed him calcium alot and his shell just wont harded up and i try and soak him in calcium powder and a littpe bit of water but it who harded can anybody help me?
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    Introduction of me

    I am new here I would just like to introduce myself and my pets. So first hello my name is Nolan. my first pets are my 2 snapping turtles Little foot My 3-legged one, and Mariachi my normal (pretty sure female) snapping turtles. then my 6-7-month-old eastern painted turtle Koops. and my 2 musks...
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    Bullhead catfish help

    HI, I was wondering about how can I give my bullhead catfish a better diet other than tropical fish flakes.?
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    I need help with my 2 one month old musk turtle.

    Hello, so I have recently acquired 2 very very tiny musk turtles. one is a normal size while one is about 1/2 the size of the normal hatchling. The person that I got them form lives on a lake. he said "I was raking leaves and seen something white and picked it up and a baby turtle fell out''. a...