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    I am looking for info on dachshunds?

    Dachshunds tend to have back problems. That's why I prefer to get a dachshund mix than a pure-bred.
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    New dog rescue

    I get the frozen. I have a new dog so I'm not sure how long a bag (it's more like a slab) will last. My old dog was very old and this was one of the few foods he'd eat but he still didn't eat much. My new dog seems to eat 1.5 cups of food a day but that is a lot for his size. He goes through one...
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    You pet dog makes you feel awesome during COVID pandemic

    Neither of these statements are true at all. The symptoms are mild -- some people don't have any at all, some feel for a day or two -- beats being on a ventilator or getting long-haul syndrome. And while we don't know exactly how long the immunity from the vaccines will work, there are...
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    ISO Dog

    My dog died last month and it took me over a month to get another one even though we are very well set up to have a dog and do right by it. But the competition these days is FIERCE because everyone who is now working from home has decided to get a dog (or cat). Here is what I learned as I...
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    New dog rescue

    Have you tried "Just Food for Dogs"? It's basically people food. But with vitamins and minerals to make it have everything dogs need nutritionally. I just adopted a senior dog and he loves it.
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    What pet should I get?

    I'm glad you are getting a cat but to answer your original question, chinchillas make great pets! They live a long time and can be trained to use a litter box just like cats.
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    Anyone using this?

    When we get new furniture one of my cats is determined to scratch it even though we have 3 cat trees and 6 scratch pads. (For 2 cats.) So we put that sticky tape on it. Worked like a charm! This is an example of what we used:
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    Need Help ASAP

    Get a second opinion on the neutering. Rescue groups and shelters neuter older dogs all the time. Also, your neighbor should neuter and spay her dogs rather than getting upset that other dogs want to mate with her female when she's in heat.