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    Homemade Cat Food

    I'm not actually feeding Tango. her owners do that. I was just saying that she likes to come around and say hi to the cats we get here. She's just a social butterfly. I actually thought mice were omnivorous and just ate kinda whatever. I didn't know that wild mice actually had a specific diet...
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    Homemade Cat Food

    The neighbors' cats just like to wander inside once in awhile. Tango, our neighbor in back's cat, comes in nightly to mouse. She goes home when she's tired and wakes up at the neighbor's for breakfast. I forgot that cats can't have milk. I knew that and the fact just faded. That's actually...
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    Homemade Cat Food

    Hi there! Hey, I learned that lots of pet foods are processed, made of practically garbage from big food companies, and not all that healthy for the animals who eat it. So I wanted to make my own cat food. So, at our barn, we have a mouse problem. We also have a feral cat problem in my town. So...
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    Tango The 4-H Cat

    What's weird is she hasn't been socialized much. It just came naturally for her
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    Tango The 4-H Cat

    I know, right? I don't know where the hell my family's from so I even call myself a mutt man 😆 I actually had no idea muggie was a word. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks, @CatMom1994!
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    Tango The 4-H Cat

    I know. I just thought with dogs, goats, horses, rabbits, etc., saying their breed will give you a good visual of what they look like. I'm just stuck in the habit of doing that. And Tango isn't a stray, she doesn't need a home and love (well, she needs it, but the way you said it sounded like...
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    Tango The 4-H Cat

    Okay, my 4-H group, the Pioneers, has a new club mascot. The neighbor's cat Tango has been loving the 4-H kids! So, Tango is a mutt (Before you say that mutt is a dog term, let me ask you this: What is a word for a mix breed cat? Nothing? Exactly), who lives at our neighbor's house. She started...
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    Does anyone know where I can get another of these?

    Try Amazon, Chewy, some pet shops near you, etc.
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    Mental Exercises

    I'll look for one. We also looked at a Snuffle Mat. A Griffon is like a pointer with these big old hound dog ears and eyes, shaggy, wiry hair, and a shorter snout. Look up Wirehair Pointing Griffon and you'll see them.
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    Mental Exercises

    Hi there! So, we have a (close to 1 year old) Griffon pup named Whiskey. He has more energy than we can exercise out of him. But I heard mental exercises can get some energy out just as well as physical exercises. If anything, I hear they work better. So, what are some good mental exercises for...
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    Casual Introduction Behind a Keyboard

    Hey there! I'm fairly new as well. My neighbor/close friend has 2 very happy rats. I have learned a lot about them, so ask me some questions and I can answer some of them, while I'd need her help with others. I'd also love to have rats! I have a lab at the moment. Get a coffee table higher than...
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    How do i convince my dad that hitting dogs is wrong, and positive reinforcement works?

    Research always works. Do research on the topic and find proof. That could be from other people, but I'd suggest using the kid-biting incident (not only that, but toss it in somewhere). Put it into a presentation and show him. Try to convince him to be kinder. Tell him spanking only works on...
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    Can I turn my book shelf into a guinea pig cage?

    How big would it be and how many guinea pigs do you have?
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    Cat Experts, I'm In Deep Dog Crap

    Also, I just realized I left my protein shake in her kitchen. How do I get rotten shake smell out of a house?
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    Cat Experts, I'm In Deep Dog Crap

    Hi y'all. It's me, with a waist-deep-in-crap problem. So, some of you may know this, but I am a local pet sitter. I'm watching a gal's fish and cat. No, the cat didn't eat the fish. Franklin is alive and well. But their owner said Fuzzy, the cat, could go outside to play for the day. She'd...
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    Hamster still seems scared of me, would love some advice

    I'm gonna tell you what I did with my chinchillas, Pedro and Pablo. Hold out a treat, make sure it's not one that Raven would be okay with, but one she would absolutely kill for. Needs to be something super tasty. Hold it out for her, and when she goes over for it, pet her or hold her while...
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    My Chinchilla Has A Never-Dying Battery

    No, he's mine, I just can't afford the material at the moment. I want to build him a new cage instead of buying one
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    Urgent Need for Foster

    Could she go to St. Louis in Missouri, LA in California, or Nashville in Tennessee? I know of an amazing animal sanctuary, The Gentle Barn, that normally does dog adoptions but would definitely fall in love with her and keep her around. They have a location in each of those cities, and take in...
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    Kitten in need of a home - Los Angeles

    Do you still have him?
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    Cat need friendly good home

    The Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary, is in the LA Valley. They take in all kinds of critters and could take your cat. They might adopt him out to somebody else but if not he will live at their animal sanctuary. They would love that little guy! They respect all animals and take mostly abused and...