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    Raccoon in the backyard

    We had a raccoon breaking into our garage years ago, when we kept dry dog food in there, made quite a mess a few times. We caught him in there one night and he climbed up the siding onto the rafters, look a leak on my husband. :p We just left the door to the back yard open and left him alone...
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    Hello from another animal-lover.

    Hi @Rosemarie, welcome to the forum, nice to have you join us! 🦜 I have a dog and a cat.
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    Cat Won't Eat - Gags Instead

    @revmp28, welcome to the forum. Very sorry to hear about your cat, I'd be very upset if my cat had that problem When I first started reading your post, I thought of some kind of blockage, like hairballs. I guess they took some xrays and scans to find the problem? I would definitely go to a...
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    Hi, from the midwest US

    I like the name Shadow too, I often say my dog is my shadow because he follows me from room to room, all day long, and sleeps with or near me at night. Very cool that he will jump up and meet you halfway for some affection, there's definitely love and appreciation there. 👍
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    Hi, from the midwest US

    Great pics @pegasus, thanks for sharing. 🧡
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    Hi, from the midwest US

    Maybe he's just meowing?
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    dog jealous of cat

    @pegasus, it doesn't sound like the problem is too bad, the dog is definitely spoiled and jealous. In cases where he's actually barking and making a fuss, you could use a little water spray bottle, on medium stream. Have it handy and as soon as the barking starts, give him a squirt and...
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    Whats it called when a cat is pregnant, but cant give birth?

    I think your stepmother would know whether her own cat was pregnant or not, if in doubt she would take the cat to the vet. The cat doesn't look pregnant to me either, cats often lie in those types of positions. You can tell your stepmother what 'someone else' told you, and let her decide. I...
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    Wanting my cat and dog to get along

    Welcome to the forum Mary.
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    In Loving Memory Of Kobe

    Very sad news Jeffrey, he was a handsome cat and looked very sweet and loving. My condolences, may he rest in peace.
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    Hi, from the midwest US

    Hi @pegasus, welcome to the forum! :)
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    In Loving Memory Of Lady G.

    It's sweet how you honor your girl and lover her so much. Hope you're healthy and doing well Jeffrey. :)
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    Betta imbellis (coming soon)

    Yes, best not to attempt anything like that during severe weather, our temps have been very cold, single digits and teens in the daytime and below zero at night. Had some snow, just a few inches, not bad. Weather warming a little this week.
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    Has your dog reacted badly to 'Cytopoint' injection (new anti-itch shot)

    Hi @R Jill F, welcome! Good to hear your dog is doing okay and survived these shots. My dog does have seasonal allergies and itching, I heard about the Cytopoint shot and would never let them give it to my dog, but they never suggested it. They did give me a script for Apoquel, but after...
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    Tango The 4-H Cat

    Great that Tango was socialized enough not to be afraid and actually enjoying the attention, wonderful! :)
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    Betta imbellis (coming soon)

    Very interesting, sounds like a plan! Good luck, looking forward to seeing your new wild bettas. :cool:
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    Casual Introduction Behind a Keyboard

    Welcome Lukas!
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    I Need Help Badly!

    Sorry, I have no advice for you, but I hope he shows improvement soon.
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    Will this lost cat that I found cat survive in this cold weather

    Welcome @Itzdeb, I agree with Tilly TV, you are an angel for helping this poor cat, very kind of you. I hope if you have to take him/her to a shelter, it is a No-Kill shelter, or the kitty will be euthanized. The cat may have a sweet personality, but may have been through a lot, and is likely...
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    Grieving in Adelaide

    Hello @Sarahk, welcome to the forum. :) My condolences for the loss your your dear Raven, she looks like a sweet kitty. It's very sad to say goodbye to our furkids, unfortunately I've had to do it too many times over the years. My advice is to get another pet, it helps to heal your heart and is...