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    New Kitty Help!!!

    It's not about understanding, Linda. It is about how you plan on doing it.
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    Dog wont eat Breakfeast!

    I agree, a dog's gut is arguably the most important part of his body. Mess the gut, you mess up your dog.
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    Bird Catching Dog

    Wow, that sound amazing. I love hearing these kinds of stories.
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    Ah, thank you for blessing me with this. That is a great find.
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    There are things that bother us daily. What are your daily challenges that bothers you? I'm just curious on how you overcome said problems.
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    Do you completely dry your dogs feet off after they get wet?

    I agree with other comments. I never experienced a foot infection with dogs.
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    Anyone know a place where the have cats who arent afraid of dogs?

    This thread is really interesting. Thank you for sharing information.
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    Young kittens

    Wow, I admire people who can still do this during the pandemic. COVID really put a lot in rocky waters.
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    my spoiled bengals

    It's hard to control yourself when you're with them the whole time because of COVID. I can totally relate.
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    Pug Ear Infections Consistent - HELP!

    Wow, it is interesting to hear all your comments. Thank you for this information.
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    funny cats 1

    Wow, this is so funny. Thank you for sharing this.
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    Cytopoint injection

    This shot is borderline evil. I am sorry for your loss.
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    I found some activities that you can do to add fun to your summer. Check this one out.
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    How to Stop dogs barking at door!

    It is interesting to read the responses here. Definitely would benefit a lot of pet owners, thanks for sharing.
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    Pee everywhere!! Help

    I agree with this, get them checked. If they are fine, then training them would be your best bet.
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    I know spring has just started, but I'm just excited to go around and travel, if I can. I miss all those camping and boating trips.
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    What is one thing you are looking forward to this summer? What activities have you been withholding since the pandemic began?
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    Taking A Fair Amount Of Pictures Of You Pet(s) Is A Good Idea

    I agree with you, having those are great.
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    Looking for specific dog toy: blue ball with holes and lump around it

    Some dogs don't like new stuff. I hope you can find that toy.
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    Rehome a dog

    Hope you find a home for her! I pray for your success.