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  1. TTouch

    Grapes - My Dog ate 1 - How Dangerous?

    The exact cause of toxicity in dogs after they ingest a grape is not known, nor is the amount. Some dogs may suffer more severe reactions than others.
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    Cytopoint and my 3 yr old Frenchie

    If you have a Asian supermarket/shop anywhere near you they will sell 100% pure 100% Cold Pressed Neem Oil and 100% bark/leaf neem powder if not you can purchase online anywhere from Ebay- Amazon. I use a tiny amount of oil about a small finger nail size, rubbed into my hands and as a coat...
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    Cytopoint and my 3 yr old Frenchie

    If it only happens in spring it is likely to be flower/grass/tree pollens, so have you tried hosing down after a walk, 100% Aloe Vera gel could help which dries with a 'coating' so it could stop the pollen settling onto the skin and enables any to be easier washed off ( with just water)...
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    My female cat keeps getting bullied by her brother

    Purchase a cat tree so she has the opportunity to get up high and out of his way and deplete his energy more with chase games as half an hour a day with him chasing a wand toy will turn his attention to you and the toy and not her as the chase toy
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    Looking for a cat on Petfinder

    Does the rescue not have a phone number you can phone and ask about the cat in question as well as show your interest/put her 'on hold' before you take your trip.... my guess is you have already made up your mind and will be making the trip anyway :)
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    Pemphigus is a group of skin disorders that cause blisters or pus-filled bumps. Lesions usually develop on the skin, but they can also form in the mucous membranes (soft linings of the eyes, nose, mouth, throat, and genitals). The blisters are soft and break open easily to form painful sores...
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    A New Puppy Owner, HELP!!!

    This pup has just arrived, it has already had two homes, with two sets of different rules so of course it is stressed, it is having to learn all over again. Crate training is always a good option as long as it is the pups safe den and not their jail, they always have somewhere safe to be and...
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    Hi and welcome
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    Vectra 3D - your opinions?

    I have to say I don't know if it would work or not all I can say is I have found 100% protection with the parasites I have to deal with, but I do not live where there are mosquitos what I do know it is caused by a parasitic worm called Dirofilaria immitis and the worms are spread through the...
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    Does this stool look abnormal?

    'Normal' just means normal for your particular dog.... if any of my dogs poo's were like that I would be concerned as certainly it would not be normal for them.... should you mention it to your sister? Well you thought to photograph it and mention it on a public forum, so telling your sister...
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    Cytopoint issues.

    Hope you dog is OK. Make sure you report the medication and your dogs adverse reaction to the correct authorities as well as your vet who is promoting its use... eg US UK...
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    Complicated itching issues with Pomeranian

    Cortisone is a steroid drug and you can read up on the numerous and long term negative side effects of steroids. NO drug is 'harmless' ALL have side effects..... and there is no drugs that treats 'anxiety' and 'behaviour issues' all they do is medicate the dog numbing its brain so the humans...
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    Is vet just "fishing" for for $$ ?

    I completely agree with you, you pay for their services same as you would a plumber, or car mechanic and if you don't get the service you deserve, you get bad service, you are paying for their lack of knowledge/experience , they are failing to get another professional opinion before making...
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    The feelings depression, guilt and emptiness

    What you are feeling is grief for the loss of your dog and that is very normal. What you need to remember is grieving takes time, it is an essential part of healing and accepting. You gave Daisy a 'second' chance and all the care and love she deserved and you both benefited, what you also know...
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    Can pets get coronavirus?

    Interesting to read this from the perspective of when it was posted over a year ago and remembering how little we all knew then to now. It has certainly been a year of great changes.
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    If you purchase from a pet shop you are supporting BYB/pet farming/mills as NO breeder would sell their litters by sending them off to live in a pet shop and that pet ending up being the subject of an impulse purchaser, the reality is the pet shop would not pay the price of pets from a breeder...
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    I am looking for info on dachshunds?

    Dachshunds are scent hound dogs originally bred to scent, chase and flush out badgers and other tunneling animals, like rabbits, and foxes, so they are a working dog who often have a high prey drive, they are fiesty which can mean "touchy or quarrelsome " and also mean "showing courage or...
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    anybody tried the flopping fish advertised on TV?

    Glad you didn't pay as much as the TV ad, like all of these things they are sold as impulse purchases cheap enough so people don't feel they are being ripped off too much but these types of purchases are never worth what you pay and more than often thrown in a cupboard very soon after buying
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    Older dog with sudden seizures- meds making it worse?

    So you took the dog in for back issues and since coming home she has been having siezures? Why did the vet treat epilepsy/siezures when she was not suffering from them.... why not only Rheumocam as in giving her relief from what the diagnosed issue was.... and if the Vet doesn't know then a...
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    Is vet just "fishing" for for $$ ?

    This answer may get me splinters in the backside if it is deemed I am sitting on the fence:D I'm not I just can see both sides But hey ho, here goes! Vets training is long and very expensive, many struggle to find a job for their final years experience to qualify, those that do get low pay...