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  1. CatMom1994

    Fabric on a stick with bell

    I ordered this cat toy because my new cat Bella spends too much time under the bed. She needs an interactive toy that can be scratched or bitten instead of my arms and hands. This seems to be a better product than some others based on reviews, but I never had anything like it before. Did I make...
  2. CatMom1994

    Pet food selector

    If you have at least one cat or dog who is not already eating high quality pet food at every meal, you need to click here: This webpage has to be the most complete food selector. It has a lot of filters: product type, physical form, ingredient quality...
  3. CatMom1994

    Litter help please!

    My next cat will be here soon if everything goes purrfectly with the only kitty who meets all of our requirements: a two-year old Bengal/American shorthair/ocicat mix. I was told the adoption counselor wants whoever adopts Aurora to take her home, so time is running out to buy unscented clumping...
  4. CatMom1994

    Scratching post in a small area

    My last cat was a mostly horizontal scratcher. My desk chair was the only exception. Now without knowing if my next cat will be a horizontal or vertical scratcher, I am in the market for a scratching post that can be used both ways. Cat trees are out because I don't have enough floor space where...
  5. CatMom1994

    Choosing food to buy for a new cat

    I know what my next kitty should eat. I have a couple favorite cat food brands. Having the right food available on adoption day and expecting her to eat it immediately, as much as I wish that could happen, is another matter. What should I buy just to make sure my next cat has food she will eat...
  6. CatMom1994

    Finally adopting a cat

    As some of you know, I found a "precious" kitty on last week and after careful searching, she is my favorite cat. Other cats who are within driving distance, which my mom considers less than one hour, either would be a much better fit in someone else's home, are older than I...
  7. CatMom1994

    Looking for a cat on Petfinder

    I always believed in adopting locally if possible. It is very important to spend time with the animals before deciding who to adopt. There are too many homeless pets in every shelter, right? Especially cats because more people want dogs. Well, that idea flew put the window when I visited my...
  8. CatMom1994

    One year since Daisy died

    Today is a sad day because it marks a full year since the last time I had a cat. Her name was Daisy. She was three years old. I will post pictures of her later.
  9. CatMom1994

    Animal control buys stuffed unicorn for stray dog who kept stealing it

    The actual headline is: A stray dog kept stealing a stuffed unicorn from a Dollar General, so animal control bought it for him
  10. CatMom1994

    Computer software upgrade

    Apple has been giving me reminders to upgrade my operating system. Unfortunately I somehow was locked out of my administration account and I need my password to finish the process. Which password? The one I use to wake it up every day does not work. I tried what I thought my password is, but...
  11. CatMom1994

    Raccoon in the backyard

    I saw a raccoon in my backyard today. My mom said she saw it yesterday too. It just walked around exploring but made eye contact with me while sitting on the patio. The closest it came to my sliding glass door was less than five feet. It went in and out from under fences, so keeping the back...
  12. CatMom1994

    How will I know when to start looking for a cat?

    Daisy crossed the bridge at age 3 on April 18, 2020. I don't want to visit a shelter or the cats at Petsmart yet because of the mask rules many places including veterinarian hospitals have. But what if a shelter is offering a healthy shelter cat who will be available for adoption a certain...
  13. CatMom1994

    Animals being rescued during Texas deep freeze

    In a world where the news media rarely reports how animals are impacted by disasters, CNN is raising awareness of the issue happening to many wild ones in freezing Texas.
  14. CatMom1994

    Random fun facts about animals

    Whether you are just curious, need to solve a problem, or recently adopted a new pet, chances are, you have plenty of questions about everything related to the animal. If any animal question that pops in your head about the biology, psychology, and history that does not gross everyone out, ask...
  15. CatMom1994

    Neutered cat spraying

    During a recent dental appointment, my hygienist talked about her cats. She said one of her cats was thrown out of the house because he sprayed everywhere. She lives on a farm, but would prefer he stayed inside 24/7 if he did not spray. (I did not ask her what his name is.) I told her to get him...
  16. CatMom1994

    Merry Christmas!

  17. CatMom1994

    toad problem

    Recently. I had to help a dying toad get off my sliding glass door. My mom left it partially open when she went outside to turn off the Christmas tree lights on the patio and that created a space barely big enough for a toad its size to squeeze in. I can't blame her for missing a dark brown body...
  18. CatMom1994

    Holiday season jokes for everyone

    Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, certainly some funny jokes about your favorite holiday have been told and written over the years. It can be something I have never heard of before. The whole purpose of this game is to have fun!
  19. CatMom1994

    Back on the forum

    After months of thinking there is no way can I read about other people's animals with no pet of my own, I decided this can't go on forever. For the first time in 4 years I will have to celebrate Christmas without a cat. That is making me sad. So here I am again hoping I can spend the holiday...
  20. CatMom1994

    My sister adopted a new kitten

    Normally I love cat adoptions, but my sister's latest one is cruel. Her stepdaughter's friend, Malerie, found a 7-8 week old black male outside and took him home. That was supposed to be the end of it. Malerie and her mom "confirmed" they were keeping him. Instead, they took a weekend trip while...