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  1. linda2147

    Just cause she’s cute

    she looks contented and well cared for. Good she found you when she obviously desperately needed a home.
  2. linda2147

    Meet my cat

    she's very pretty, good she found someone to take care of her and has a good home.
  3. linda2147

    Anyone know what this could be under his nose??

    could he have gotten bitten or stung by some bug? Try putting some raw honey on it, if it is a sting or bite the honey will soothe it and stop it from getting infected. I don't know what it is but where its only on one side I'd look to see if its a sting or bite
  4. linda2147

    Convenia Can Have Serious and Fatal Side Effects

    Convenia (manufactured by Zoetis) is an injectable long-acting antibiotic that is labeled for the treatment of skin infections in cats and dogs. It exerts its antibacterial effects for approximately 1-2 weeks but stays in the body for over 2 months. This is in contrast to antibiotics that are...
  5. linda2147

    Drinking Water

    I have a fountain that filters the tap water. change the filter about once a month
  6. linda2147

    Pet-lover for Life

    welcome to the forum. I have a german shepherd and three cats, a siamese rescue and two bengals
  7. linda2147

    Me, Plus 15

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Are these all yours?
  8. linda2147

    Say hello to Zeus!

    Handsome little fellow. I like all cats but I am partial to bengals
  9. linda2147

    Has your dog reacted badly to 'Cytopoint' injection (new anti-itch shot)

    you are one of the lucky ones. A lot of dogs aren't so fortunate. I will never try anything new for my animals until its been tested by thousands of dogs with only a less than one percent bad reaction. No matter what they tell you ALL medication has some side effects so its up to us as pet...
  10. linda2147


    My sisters and I get together Christmas Eve day at a steak house, have a nice lunch and do our gifts after we eat or sometimes before we eat. The family is to big to do everything in one day so Christmas Eve day is for the sisters and sister in laws and Christmas day for just our own family...
  11. linda2147

    My puppy goes to his bed every time I tell him not to do something.

    instead of saying no just redirect him to something else. You need to teach the dog words, they are capable of learning a lot of words. Say the word, show him what you want him to do then give him praise and a treat. you can't reason with him, by teaching him words you'll get better result...
  12. linda2147

    Older dog urinating

    put doggie diapers on her. Put a sanitary pad inside the diaper in case of leaks.
  13. linda2147

    Dog refuses to poop outside unless its far away from home

    put some of his poop where you want to to go, put him on a leash and take him to where it is and tell him "go potty" when he gets it right give him a treat, he'll catch on soon if you teach him words
  14. linda2147

    Female dog marking in my house

    female version of a male belly band called doggie diaper
  15. linda2147

    Thanksgiving Day

    Today was my mom's birthday, she would have been 99. we always celebrated her birthday on Thanksgiving
  16. linda2147

    Thanksgiving Day

    went to my daughter's for a turkey dinner
  17. linda2147

    Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Enjoy your turkey dinner
  18. linda2147

    Trump signs bill into law making animal cruelty a federal felony

    It wasn't meant as a political statement.
  19. linda2147

    Help bump on dogs lip?

    it could be nothing more than an ingrown whisker around his mouth
  20. linda2147

    Help bump on dogs lip?

    could it be something in the soap you are using to wash the bowl?