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  1. TTouch

    Abscess above cats eye. All vets are closed until Monday.

    As the abscess has already drained any health issues happened in the time before you dealth with it....... abscess's need to be open and built up puss drained to heal even alongside antibiotics so the only thing you can do is keep it clean and that is by using a saline solution two or three...
  2. TTouch

    The Cone of Shame

    Vets use them to protect their work, based on the fact that many owners don't have dogs that are obedient when told to 'leave', Vets also give the impression the cone needs to be left on 24/7 and that dogs need to be crated for 10 days 'to heal'...back to Vets, they are medical professionals NOT...
  3. TTouch

    Incontinence in my Lucy

    You could purchase 'Brewers Yeast tablets' from any health food shop , chemist or supermarket they have all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements any dog needs, a couple a day and they love them, so eat them like treats
  4. TTouch

    Incontinence in my Lucy

    Potentially is could be “spay incontinence” which can appear in female dogs after they have been spayed. ... The cause of incontinence in these patients is most likely related to decreased estrogen levels associated with removing the ovaries during the spay and/or the strength of her urethral...
  5. TTouch

    A stray puppy with fleas

    You can't treat when you don't know the reason for the skin infection, this pup needs taking to a vet and as it is a stray then animal control is who you contact, so it is caught and properly assessed and treated...... and if it is young and otherwise fit/healthy it will then be found a new home
  6. TTouch

    Senior Cat w/Hyperthyroidism Peeing On Clothes

    As he is medically clear then it is likely to be stress and/or pain and likely pain from arthritus which would cause him stress. As you say about changes in his life and senior cat then I would say they are the most likely reason. The best product I know for releaving arthritus pain is a Bioflow...
  7. TTouch

    New 2 Month Old Ferret

    It takes time for her to settle down in her new home, some will do within a couple of days others take a few weeks, however you need to handle her daily for her to get used to being handled and handled firmly but gently and I suggest while she is nipping using gloves she can't bite through, that...
  8. TTouch

    I'm glad to be here with you all

    Hi and welcome :D
  9. TTouch

    Cats eyes always dilated

    Constant dilation is commonly a sign of hypertension ( high blood pressure) but could also be an indication that they are blind, are experiencing chronic pain, or have another underlying health condition
  10. TTouch

    Why is my cat so compulsive?

    YOU initiate play/petting, don't wait until he is 'bothering ' you...and you can use a simple piece of string or a wand toy to initiate play and you do it until he lays down and is panting, this type of play replicates normal cat behaviour of stalk/catch/kill their prey as in him trying to catch...
  11. TTouch

    ISO Rehome Advice or Other Ideas

    Dogs live in the moment, they don't dwell on the past and the only time past events 'might' affect them is if something happens they 'remember' a similar incident and how they dealth with it and so respond in a similar manner. EVERYTHING you say suggests an anxious /fearful dog who has never...
  12. TTouch

    Has your dog reacted badly to 'Cytopoint' injection (new anti-itch shot)

    Make sure you report this to your countries Animal Medications Licensing Authority as they are the department that license any new medications to the market and they are the department that can suspend/cancel the license of this dangerous animal medication that is causing deaths and serious...
  13. TTouch

    Choosing a kitten or cat

    Maybe be a little more knowledgable about cat behaviour and realise that is VERY NORMAL regardless of what temperament the cat has, it needs time to acclimate to ALL new situations. New home, new people, new smells, sounds, sights, new routine, stress of being dumped by its 'owner' into rescue...
  14. TTouch

    My dog died a painful agonizing death after getting Cytopoint injection.

    I am sorry to hear about your dog.... my suggestion is to report this to your countries vet medicines board, not just to the manufacturer, Zoetis as they will not be objective about a drug that is making them millions and will not take it off the market or suspend it until these many instances...
  15. TTouch

    Choosing a kitten or cat

    The thing is your mother is not on here.... she is not the one writing..I, we, our so you are both thinking the same totally unreasistic way and that means you ( or rather your mother) are not thinking about adopting a pet for the sake of adopting a pet, providing that pet a better life. In...
  16. TTouch

    Choosing a kitten or cat

    Your expections about a living, breathing animal are one of perfection and that is totally unrealistic no animal is perfect always doing the right thing, ALL animals make mistakes at times. If you can't or won't accept that fact then you don't get a pet you purchase a teddy bear who will always...
  17. TTouch

    2 Month old kitten with diarrhea

    The 'normal' vet check consists of first vaccinations and wormers ( unless she has already had those and you have her record to prove it) It is always recommended you keep a new pet on the same food and try to keep to a similar routine because a home move, new smells. sounds, sights, visiting...
  18. TTouch

    Cytopoint injection side effects

    It seems that these syptoms your dog is experiencing after having the cytopoint injection is what many others who have had allowed their dog to have it are also experiencing. You only need to read some of the other posts on here to find out how other dogs have faired after using it for their...
  19. TTouch

    why I feed my dog raw food

    As long as you worm your dog as normal there is no issue and as long as you first freeze fresh fish which kills any worms it may contain then de-thaw before feeding. The issue most non raw feeders worry about is salmonella/e-coli etc however raw fed dogs have a natural acid gut which kills them...
  20. TTouch

    Domestic short Hair(Possible Russian Blue)

    Be respectful and treat your cat like a cat, not as not a 'little human' as doesn't have the same NEEDS as a human, it has cat needs, so feed your cat good quality cat food not 'human treats'. Sugar isn't toxic to cats. However, it's not very good for them for their health or weight, so yes you...