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    funny dog videos

    That cat can probably do more sit-ups than I can! lol
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    What are you listening to?

    Now I'm hearing The Weeknd with Save Your Tears For Another Day, which is one of my favorite songs from last summer.
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    Teenager jobs working with animals

    I used to perform volunteer work at an animal shelter that's not far from where I live. I found it easy to get the volunteer job. It wasn't hard to get the job.
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    Happy Independence Day!

    In a nearby village of mine, they have a rather large Fourth Of July parade every year despite the downtown being so little.
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    Now matter what kind of dog he is, he's cute, I think.
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    One year since Daisy died

    CatMom, I'm sorry that today marks the one year anniversary of the day that you lost your cat. Losing a pet is difficult. However, be grateful for the good memories of your pet.
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    He's adorable! What kind of dog is he or she?
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    Volunteering At Nursing Homes Isn't Sad

    Performing volunteer work in a nursing home is a good option for lots of people. You really can make a positive difference in facilities like that, as many elderly residents there appreciate volunteers taking time out from their busy lives to visit with them. However, some people believe that...
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    Pet Artist here :)

    Welcome to the forum, Pet Artist!
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    Looking to buy a small dog breed

    Purchasing a big dog is probably not for me. I'd rather become owner of a small dog if I wanted to have a new pet dog.
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    What are you listening to?

    Now I'm hearing Usher with Without You.
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    New Kittens!!

    Pickle, I'm glad that that your pet dogs are getting along with (and like) your new kittens!
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    Some Dogs Come Barking At You Then Suddenly Become Friendly

    I just have a quick question out of curiosity. Sometimes, a dog sees you and comes running at you at and barks at you like he or she wants to attack you, and then when the dog finally gets near you, he/she suddenly calms down and becomes friendly. Why is that?
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    dog loves to eat water

    Did you mean to say drink water, Anna?
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    Looking to buy a small dog breed

    Small dogs are my favorite type of dogs. If I wanted to purchase a dog in the future, I would want the dog to be small and cute.
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    The fact that I haven't been able to travel for over a year sort of bothers me on most days. I haven't been able to travel during the Covid era due to safety issues. I'm not trying to complain, because I have a good life. But still, I'd like to get away from Maine at some point. I love...
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    Not gonna be on for a little while

    We look forward to when you return.
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    Before the virus hit my area, I was hoping to do some travelling. I wanted to go back to the Mid-Atlantic states (Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia). I went down to those three states back in 2011. I'm hoping I can do some travelling this coming summer. It depends on how safe it will be for...
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    My Cockatiel Could Remember So Many Songs And Words That I Tought Him

    My pet cockatiel, Luke, was a smart little guy. And he loved to copy sounds, songs, and words. When I would teach him a new song or word, I never had to reward him when he correctly copied the song or word because he loved copying everything. Cockatiels are small birds. Not quite as small as...
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    Taking A Fair Amount Of Pictures Of You Pet(s) Is A Good Idea

    When I was twelve years old back in 1990, my parents purchased a cockatiel for me. I loved him very much. Sadly, he passed away in 2003. And the one regret I have is not taking enough pictures of my bird when he was around. In the the years that he was a member of our household, I only took...