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    Cats eyes always dilated

    Hello guys so I have a cat that is my neighbors that we let in our house because his owners don’t let him inside (even in the rain!) so he has kind of became ours. But I just realized that his pupils are always dilated, is this something to worry about?
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    Why is my cat so compulsive?

    My cat is so compulsive and I don’t know how to stop it. Whatever he wants to do, he will try to do it without stopping. He is also been very clingy lately to me, when he used to be like that to my brother because it’s his cat. He will follow me eveywhere in the morning and at night when I’m...
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    My dog is famous!

    Hey I just wanted to share something funny and cute! So my golden is 10, and she wasn’t socialized with strange dogs till a couple years ago due to lots of house issues. At first we though she was aggressive while she barked and lunged at other dogs…thats not the case. When she is off the...
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    Dogs nails super loud

    Hello guys so my dog sleeps in my room but her nails are extremely loud and scratch the tile and click the ground. Her nails are clipped but still long because her quick is really long. I have tried a dog nail file and it still doesn’t work. Is there any product I can use to make her nails less...