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  1. TTouch

    Introduction to Diabetic health in Pets

    To 'prevent' comes down to genetics, certain breeds are more prone to it because of long term past breeding of unhealthy, untested pets feeding a unhealthy diet, and pumping them full of chemicals, like the now fashionable monthly parasite poisons, annual vaccinations and over use of chemical...
  2. TTouch

    Dog health question

    A suggesion........ Dog urine that is orange, or “orangish,” is typically a sign of icterus or jaundice, which is a result of too much pigment from the inside of red blood cells being present in the system I agree with Mechi2 be careful...
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    Hi Everyone!

    Hi and welcome
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    Potty Training failure

    Know the 'rules'... dogs need to toilet after eating/drinking, when they wake up and after playing.... and it is about you being consistant. As you have failed, you are either not being consistant, not watching the dog carefully for the 3-5 weeks it takes to train toilet training, making too...
  5. TTouch

    Coughing- 11 year old Golden Mix

    No one on an online forum can advise you about this.......... your Vet clearly hasn't diagnosed what is wrong and they examined your dog so they used their 'catch all' medications and crossed their fingers antibiotics just in case it could be a bacteria infection and then steroids to...
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    What is the breed of this dog?

    Same answer as the last time you asked?
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    What is the breed of this dog

    Look on its pedigree paperwork and it will tell you......... if you don't have pedigree paperwork then it is a mutt/cross bred
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    Bug bite? What is this? Please help!

    No sure, it could be one of many things likely a sebaceous cyst, could also be a wart as they tend to pop up quickly but it looks like it is infected, so also could be an abscess or any number of other malignant or benign lumps, which you are right to have checked out by your Vet
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    Help With 5 mo.Puppy Who Won't Eat!

    As Mechi2 says you are 'trying too hard' and she is training you to 'go fetch' something better....... so ONE dish, stainless steel bowls are possibly the best, they are easy to clean/sterilise, last her lifetime, can be 'kicked around' without breaking and food doesn't absorb chemicals like it...
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    Pets are soon to be banned in Iran

    Lots of rules/laws in Iran that in the 'free' world 'looks' backwards, ...Iranians live under archaic extremely religious rules written centuries ago by men in a totally different 'time zone'. We in the free world ( and Western educated Iranians ) know that what happened 20 years ago let alone...
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    Hi and welcome :)
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    Dogs on prednisolone

    Prednisolone is a steroid medication used by Vets to 'treat' certain types of allergies, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune disorders often when they have no clue about what the issue really is, so a 'go to' med..... Vets are pet medical doctors they use medication to 'treat' and/or cover up...
  13. TTouch

    Is it normal for dogs to moan when they lick themselves?

    Likely it is licking itself more than is normal as its body is reacting (allergic) to something, if fed kibble it could be any number of one of the ingredients in the kibble and its licking is temporarily relieving the itching pain. Over licking is caused by allergies ( food given or...
  14. TTouch

    My cat only does things when I close my eyes

    Likely you have 'covered your eyes' and trained him that is his que to 'do something'......... cats/dogs read body language very well and direct eye contact in their world is assertive behaviour and often taken by them as confrontational behaviour, so that could also be the reason
  15. TTouch

    I need help :(

    Little point in worrying about something that 'might' happen, you only get concerned if it does happen and then you can do something to stop it.... set up your place for the cats return, climbing tree, toys etc give lots of attention and good luck
  16. TTouch

    How do you stop the licking?

    While paw licking is a common behaviour, some additional reasons your dog is licking their paw include anxiety, stress, obsessive behaviour, flea allergies or boredom. 'Medication' is NOT and NEVER the answer, you need to find out why and deal with the real issue.... so Anxiety/stress: dogs get...
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    Coughing Problem

    I feed raw and bone, so I know what I am giving my dogs, once you have researched percentage quanities meat/organs and sourced the products, eg local chicken farm, so eggs and chickenI chop up or buy legs/wings (plus I sometimes get some carcasses after they filet the meat) local butcher who is...
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    kitten not drinking milk, emergency question

    At two weeks old he is not getting the immune protection of its mothers milk, a good quality replacement kitten milk, fed with a shringe every two hours over the 24 hours... but scourging his tummy with parafin is very old fashioned Vet treatment and won't help him if his immune system is...
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    No idea however it sounds like your relationship with your dog is different to what I have with my dogs.........regardless of where I am my dogs tend to want to be with me, so gardening, walking, visiting people they are with me, sitting watching TV, cooking, making beds etc they are around me...
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    Coughing Problem

    .First though is fluid on the lungs, but you have checked that and it seems it is clear....... Second thought is gut/immune system issues and that will depend on what you are feeding your dog, kibble ( processed food) and the dog is reacting to one of the many of the often useless and unfit to...