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  1. JMummey

    Cosmo contemplations:)

  2. JMummey

    Owl is back, yay!

    We have an owl in the backyard, I have not seen him yet but I hear him almost every night at around 8pm. He had gone silent for a few days but I was so happy to hear him last night, maybe he went on a short vacay somewhere:) I hope I get to see him at some point, I cannot tell from sound what...
  3. JMummey

    I finally won! Squirrels vs. my Tulip Bulbs

    We have the cutest squirrels on the planet in our backyard. One in particular has a bright white tip on the end of his tale, escalating his level of cuteness into the stratosphere. However, they do consume ALL of my tulips and tulip bulbs. I think I have finally found a solution that works...
  4. JMummey

    Critter Absurd magazine is accepting funny stories/photos: deadline is March 4, 2022

    Be a part of something fun: Critter Absurd is an American humor magazine founded in 2022 by editor J. Mummey. The magazine highlights the joys and horrors of pets and wildlife. Our fledgling magazine is accepting submissions for our next issue. The deadline is Friday, March 4, 2022. If you are...
  5. JMummey

    Writer and Critter Mum

    It's a good day when I get to read a book (with my rabbit Benjamin chewing on the edges).