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  1. Coolferretstuff

    4 Quick Tips To Reduce a Ferrets Smell

    Whats going on everybody! Just wanted to share a some quick tips on how to prevent a ferrets smell, so without spending to much time I'll just go ahead and list them. Clean Your Cage and Ferret Accessories Weekly ( Might sound like a lot but do you really want your ferret playing with dirty...
  2. Coolferretstuff

    whats a good snake to get?

    hey just wondering what is a good pet snake to get?
  3. Coolferretstuff

    Hello I’m new to the community

    Hey everybody my name is Sean. I’m new here, after my dog passed away last week I’ve been feeling down and looking to join groups about things I like. I miss my dog so I’m getting involved in the pet community. thanks for having me!