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  1. Alpha Rose

    Anime/Animal lovers out there?

    Cool! I haven't watch that anime yet.
  2. Alpha Rose

    Delighted and proud mom/grandma for my goldendoodle female dog

    Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Rose I have a saint Bernard doodle, name Oreo. He loves to meet new people and is very affectionate.
  3. Alpha Rose

    Sad blue jay story

    Day 3, the baby blue jay is still alive it is traveling across the yard. Parents every now and then will come feed it. We hope it will be able to fly soon.
  4. Alpha Rose

    Sad blue jay story

    Day 2, The blue jay baby is still alive I have seen it's parent's feed it a couple time. It is hiding underneath a tree. Still seems to be alive and healthy. I am very glad that nothing bad has happened to it.
  5. Alpha Rose

    Sad blue jay story

    The date was 7/6/2022 I was taking my dog out to go to the bathroom, when I saw that he was circling a baby blue jay! I took my dog inside so it wouldn't hurt the blue jay anymore. Since it was a baby bird it couldn't fly, we tried to see where it's mother was but we couldn't see her. We decided...
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    Poodle relaxing
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  8. Alpha Rose

    Where could I ask general questions about pets?

    Yes, members will do their best to answer your questions.
  9. Alpha Rose

    Can't tell gender of turtle? Also growing at concerning speeds.

    I’m sorry I have no idea, have you gone to the vet about this?
  10. Alpha Rose

    Dog running around house while renovated.

    We do but we let him out when he needs to go to the bathroom.
  11. Alpha Rose

    Dog running around house while renovated.

    My dog runs around the house sometimes and I’m beginning to worry that he might get hurt. He hasn’t gotten hurt yet and when there is workers we keep him locked up. But when the workers aren’t here we take him to the bathroom and he explores the house. I not sure it is safe for him out there...
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    Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m Rose, I hope we can get to know each other and become good friends!
  13. Alpha Rose

    Convenia Can Have Serious and Fatal Side Effects

    I am so sorry!! Losing a pet is hard, no matter how long you spend with them they always leave a hole in your heart. I hope you the best.
  14. Alpha Rose

    You dream cat-carry!

    If you’re going to make a dream cat-carry you need to make sure the cats like. Make it comfy, enjoyable, a space to put food for the cat. These are my suggestions please show your product when it’s done I would like to see.
  15. Alpha Rose

    Newborn Calf Thinks Kitty is an Utter

  16. Alpha Rose

    Just took charge of a 5 year old cockatiel that had run of house any tips to get it onto hand

    Give them lots of love. Love is the most important thing you can give them.