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  1. Alicia89

    My dog is famous!

    great story!
  2. Alicia89

    What is your dogs 'best' walk and why?

    Typical workday, in warmer (65-85 degrees F about) but not hot weather, is a 3 mile walk, taking about 45 minutes. Weekend walk is 3-6 miles of hiking OR a jog of the same distance on a paved path. In cold weather (<65 degrees F) we bump the workday walk to a jog of 3 miles or a hike of 5 miles...
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    Dog found zip-tied to a tree

    sad story with a nice ending:)
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    Florida man rescues dog from alligator

    Saw this on the news this morning and they commented how he went through the whole drama with a cigar in his mouth! Lucky little dog not to have been injured, the alligator had a good grip on it. Also some similar great articles to read
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    Toys for Senior Dogs

    They sound great very good orientated aren't they labs she will love it.
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    Dog Strollers - Have You Ever Used One?

    I have never personally owned a small dog or used a stroller, so I can only speak from my observation of others. The thing that I see most with dogs in strollers is a high level of reactivity in the dogs. The owners seem to exercise little control over the dogs inside, so the dogs bark...
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    Service dogs in the military

    In the case of President Georges HW Bush’s Service Dog, Sully is retired from service work likely due to his age. He will go on as a Therapy Dog to visit hospitals or convalescent centers. In many cases, the dog will remain with the family, especially if the dog is older. In other cases, the...
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    Colors of the Maine Coon

    Black Smoke coloring is a variation of the solid black Maine Coon. The Black color gene is one of two dominant colors (Red being the other). The Smoke category is actually a solid black cat with a white undercoat. The shafts of hair are thus white at the base but turn black at the tip. This is...
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    Top 5 Dog Products

    Multifunction Biting Toys Dog Toothbrush Dog Jackets
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    My Cat Today

    looks serious and cheerful:)