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  1. ALR1111

    Two Cute Spaniels Dancing For Their Supper

    Here is a cute video that I hope puts smiles on your faces. [MEDIA=youtube]tYnQQL5oB7k]
  2. ALR1111

    Are Wild Horses Being Exploited?

    I came across an article that describes a U. S. government program that is designed to save wild horses but might be doing more harm than good while exploiting tax payers to boot. Here is the article. What do you think? Is there a better solution?
  3. ALR1111

    A TV Channel For Dogs?

    On August 1, DirecTV will be offering a television channel for dogs. Supposedly, experts have designed the channel to include the sights and sounds that make dogs happy. I believe this is supposed to entertain pets while their owners are away. You can read more about this topic here. What do...
  4. ALR1111

    Two Cute Owl Buddies

    Here is a picture of two cute owls that were part of a presentation on birds at Brooker Creek Nature Preserve in Tarpon Springs, FL. I am not sure what kind of owls they are. Maybe they are Burrowing Owls. Anyway, whatever they are, they are beautiful!
  5. ALR1111

    My Dog and Cat!

    Here is a photo of my cat Shelley and my dog Keiko sleeping together on the lanai. They, along with my rat Peanut, are my sweet, little fur babies! :love_heart:
  6. ALR1111

    Boarding a Horse?

    Obviously the best way to keep a horse is to have your own land and take care of it yourself. I realize that if you can't do that you have to board. How does boarding work? Is it safe? How do you care for your horse if it lives someplace else?
  7. ALR1111

    Cute Baby Guinea Pig!

    Here is a cute picture that I found of a baby guinea pig. I have had four great guinea pigs: Oscar, Franklin, Clark and Simon. They were great companions and I miss them all dearly. RIP beyond the Rainbow Bridge boys!
  8. ALR1111

    Cat Riddles

    Here are some cat riddles to brighten your day: What did one cat say to another? Have you heard the mews today! What did the cat do when he swallowed some cheese? He waited by the mouse hole with baited breath! What did the cat say when he lost all his money? I'm paw! What did the freshman...
  9. ALR1111

    What Are Some Good Treats For Rats?

    Hello All! I have a cute, little rat named Peanut and we generally let him snack on tiny bites of whatever we are eating. I was just wondering if there are any snacks that rats seem to especially enjoy. Healthy suggestions are especially welcomed. :)
  10. ALR1111

    Hello Pet Forums!

    Hi! My name is Damaris and I live with my husband, one cat, one dog, and one rat. We are all very happy together and get along famously. Of course, there are sometimes family squabbles but that's to be expected. :D All of our animals are very gentle, affectionate and happy. We feel very lucky to...
  11. ALR1111

    Bringing a New Baby Home

    Hello! My husband and I will be welcoming our first child into our family any day now. :love_heart: We have a very sweet, two year old Lab mix who loves children. We have other beloved pets but she has really set herself up as the baby of the family. I know that people generally bring home...