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  1. Rats_and_Birds101

    Dog found zip-tied to a tree

    A dog was found zip tied to a tree. His rescuers found wounds on him after releasing him. My friend's family took him in and named him Chance. Chance was such a sweetie, I should know, I met him. Sadly, Chance got over-protective and aggressive, so when my friend went off to Boston, he got...
  2. Rats_and_Birds101

    Hi 🐭

    Hiii! I'm Rats_and_Birds101 but you can call me Sam. I have a cute little havanesse named Reggie, he is a year old. I also own 2 outdoor cats, siblings. One is Meras (Merabelle,Female,14), the other is Max (Male,15). I also really want a rat, or a bird. If you own a rat or know a lot about them...