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  1. teytey029

    Petlover since childhood

    I'm sorry to hear about the circumstances you've experienced :( But I'm glad you overcome it and possibly because of your chihuahua. We can't do anything but accept it as a dog's lifespan is not like a human's. We can just do is to build memories with them and take care of them as much as we can...
  2. teytey029

    Petlover since childhood

    I've been a fur parent for a long time and I had really a great experience with them. I have a dog and a cat. When I just started to be a pet owner, I read and watched a lot of videos about being a fur parent and it's really hard, to be honest. There are times when I want to give my pets to my...
  3. teytey029

    Anyone else's fur baby have these symptoms?

    I think you should bring your dog already to vet clinic to properly scan and diagnose her. That way it's much easier for you to cure her
  4. teytey029

    Daughter afraid of dog?

    Maybe your daughter needs more time to know Mastiff. Maybe time for bonding like feeding, walking, running, playing, etc. I think it's usual for children, they just need to feel and see that Mastiff or our pets won't harm them. I agree with linda2147, it might me the size that scares her.
  5. teytey029

    Dog running around house while renovated.

    I agree with them, you need to take him away from the renovation. Accident is everywhere and we don't know when it will happen. You can buy a leash or maybe buy a portable fence or tent. That way they are away from danger at the same time they are comfortable. I can give you supplies that you...
  6. teytey029

    very sad day Phoenix is gone

    I'm sorry to hear about your pet :( Other says dogs directly go to heaven after they die so hopefully he's in a good place now. No one can replace the happiness and memories that pets bring to us so treat and take care of them while he's by our side.
  7. teytey029

    Never had experience with dog.

    At first, it's hard since you just started and it's not part of your usual life. I've been in a situation where I don't know what to do but I really wanted to have a dog so I pushed it. You can watch youtube videos or ask for discussions like here for tips/advice, even if you have any concerns...
  8. teytey029

    Was it inappropriate for the groomer to pull my dog by the leash?

    I believe dogs really hate trimming even touching their nails. They usually run and hide lol. Have you tried trimming their nails by yourself? Maybe they are scared or uncomfortable whenever other people touch their nails and it might give them the impression of trimming every time someone...