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  1. Saav

    Always With You

    Oh so true, and I often have tears when remembering them. And then ... the joy of having pets now! I relish every second, every minute, every day with these precious souls God has given me. Just as I did with my poor little ones who needed to pass before. Every minute with them was such a...
  2. Saav

    How do I own these animals?

    Really? A penquin in Brazil? I reported that one. Wake up.
  3. Saav

    How do I own these animals?

    Find someone in Brazil to give you some land. Otherwise, I honestly think you are kinda bogus.
  4. Saav

    The Savitsky Cats! Trained Cats! Check This out!

    Be patient through the intro.
  5. Saav

    Dog diagnosed with a mature mucocele - what are my next steps / what questions should I ask a surgeon?

    Maybe there are other options? A teaching place might be an answer. Praying for the best.
  6. Saav

    Always With You

    I don't get in here often much. But I do understand what it is like to lose a furbaby, a companion, a friend, a furfriend, whatever you choose to call our precious pets. But I do look and keep all of you in my prayers. Sometimes life gets in the way of personally responding. God bless all of...
  7. Saav

    Missing toes :(

    Gosh I don't know but I have heard some owls and hawks go after turtles, could that be what happened?
  8. Saav

    My cat has developed severe allergies

    Hmmm. Is she indoor/outdoor or strictly indoor? Also could she have been bitten by a flea which started the allergy? Flea allergies can show up as regular allergies. Ask your vet if this is possible. Also, a super-clean house will help with allergies, as well as good filters that are changed...
  9. Saav

    very sad day Phoenix is gone

    I am so sorry.
  10. Saav

    German Shepherd Pup Meet's Mama Cat's Babies

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Love it!
  11. Saav

    Cat pees everywhere and I do not know why

    Gosh. I don't know. We're not allowed to recommend things not vet-approved. We're not allowed to recommend home remedies ... BUT ... I will go out on a limb here. I had a cat that did that. My vet recommended I used a spray of apple cider vinegar on those surfaces and she never did that again...
  12. Saav

    Help!! Could it be cancer?

    Can you get him to a vet teaching hospital? I've heard good things about those places. I don't know. Hugs!
  13. Saav

    Is this guy a Norwegian forest cat?

    No, as he is an orange tabby and a male, I think he's like my Monster I used to have. He was a little floofy like yours, and often they're huge. Monster weighed 18 pounds. How much does he weigh?
  14. Saav

    Daughter afraid of dog?

    Yep, gotta be the size. My friend who had a granddaughter came over here when I had my Lilly (a big German Shepherd/Boxer mix) and was terrified of her. They had a little Yorkie and she had only been around tiny dogs, so it took some time for her to understand large dogs can be sweet and gentle...
  15. Saav

    My Cats Love This! Jingle Cats Meowy Christmas lol

    It'll play when you click on Watch on YouTube. Enjoy!
  16. Saav

    Potty Training failure

    I had my Lilly, and I took her out constantly when she was a puppy. After eating, after playing, all the time and before bed. Out, out out. Then she learned and was great!
  17. Saav

    New pet owner

    See what your vet says. I have no idea. But bless you for bringing a little kitty in! Thank you!
  18. Saav

    What fish are good to keep in a tank with no filter?

    A betta! I have had bettas and they are beautiful, especially the male ones. But you can only keep one. They will fight, so just get one. But you're getting different fish, so I have no idea.