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  1. ZoOK33p3r

    Looking for a cat on Petfinder

    That's fair. I'm grateful I don't have allergies or any disabilities. I just wish I could rescue them all!
  2. ZoOK33p3r

    Bearded Dragon, Anyone?

    Thanks! He's also very lazy. I've been looking online for ways to get him to be more active. One thing I found was too put crickets inside a hamster ball, it's supposed to encourage him to chase the ball around... I tried that and he just looked confused haha. But I guess some dragons are just...
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    My map turtle died suddenly!! 😞😞😣

    That was extremely rude! @hamsterlover123 was just trying to give you advice. As for the "are you rich" comment, you don't need to be wealthy to own a pet but you should be responsible enough to have enough money set aside incase of emergencies. The second one of my animals shows distress they...
  4. ZoOK33p3r

    Bearded Dragon, Anyone?

    I'm surprised to see that there is not a lot of posts/threads about these little guys. Maybe they are not as popular of a pet as I thought. This is my boy, Orangey. He usually loves his collard greens but he refused to eat his vegetables a few days ago!
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    Looking for a cat on Petfinder

    My first cat was a big boy, and he was cute as heck! Sorry to read you are having these issues with your mother and getting a cat @CatMom1994 . Adopting should never be about looks. I will never understand people who pay big bucks to a breeder for perfect looking pets. That is not about the...
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    is it bad if a dog eats a very small piece of paper towel?

    I had a dog when I was younger and he'd managed to swallow an entire rag without anyone noticing. He passed it no issues but it was shocking to take him for a walk and see him poop it out :ROFLMAO: I'm sure the dog will be fine, just make sure you pay attention and if she shows distress or...
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    Introducing Sylvester!

    Thank you! I realized after posting that I had indeed posted a pic of Sylvester when I first got him, but glad to share the other pics with everyone.
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    My Reptile Enclosure Upgrades!

    That looks amazing, you are very creative!! I wish I had that sort of talent to make things for my bearded dragon.
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    Introducing Sylvester!

    I haven't been around for a while, but I've since adopted a cat! I got him on July 16, 2020, just a little over a month following my sweet girl, Sphinx's death. (RIP sweet girl - It will be a year tomorrow since I had to make that difficult decision we all dread.) I decided my eldest cat Nile...
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    Trying the Tank Thing Again.

    Years ago I had an aquarium set up, it had community fish with a beta centerpiece. I even had a couple of dwarf frogs. I was just learning at the time, this was around 2004, but my experiment came to an end when I bought live plants and ended up with a snail infestation. After a few attempts to...
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    Developed an allergy to my Guinea Pigs

    I was 22 when I got my first pet. He was a cat named Beck (Love of my life!) When I got him it seemed ok for the first few days but after about a week I developed symptoms. My eyes got so itchy I gave myself pinkeye from rubbing them so much :/ I had fears for a while about having to give him...
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    A Westernized household lmfao

    Is it all yours? And if so, how did you manage to obtain all of that so quickly during a pandemic? You said you just gave away all your belongings with your inferior ex-house.
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    Cat food after a urinary block

    Thank you
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    Does anyone have a cat tattoo?

    I would certainly hope so!
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    Does anyone have a cat tattoo?

    I bought some pet print kits from Amazon a few months ago, I made some cool prints of Nile's little paws. It was the Pearhead Brand and you don't get any ink on the paws. It's really cool and I highly recommend it btw. It was only $11. I noticed in the product reviews that a few people would...
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    Cat food after a urinary block

    I plan to do exactly that. In 2007 I took Nile to a place called "The Spay Clinic" and from there I had excellent service. I took him there to get fixed when Nile was starting to spray and the first time they told me that I would have to come back in a month or so because his testicles hadn't...
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    Need Help

    I hope the dog is okay and very happy to see it was brought in to see a vet.
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    Advise for a cat I just found

    It's hard to find consistent info about rabies online, I realized it a while ago when doing research about vaccinations. I've read rabies can take 10 days for signs to shop up, and I've also read it can take months. And that if you even suspect a cat may have it, they need to be quarantined for...
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    My Cat Today

    Loki is beautiful!!
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    Cat food after a urinary block

    Update: Nile went to the vet, he's in perfect health and his blood work also came back normal. The only issue is that I had called my vet last month asking for food advice since he doesn't like the urinary food and in the last few months really hasn't been eating enough. I was told that in order...