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  1. Shai and Chucky

    What is your favorite

    This little tiger.
  2. Shai and Chucky

    How they took over our lives.

    Back in 2019 my wife and I bought our first home. Also, two little puppers entered or lives. With a bang. My wife was on facebook and saw and adoption add for two adorable mutts, chocolate brown labrador and maybe a dachshund mix. Anyway- click, and we went through the adoption process. Three...
  3. Shai and Chucky

    So excited

    Shai, she's just so crazy
  4. Shai and Chucky

    Hi there you dog lovers.

    We're Shai and Chucky, we're two blabladors, or mutts if you like. We were sold by a very cruel man for a bottle of vodka back in 2019 to a foundation. One day two weirdos adopted us and here we are. I'm Shai, I'm everywhere. I love to destroy things, eat bugs, dig holes in the garden and run...