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    Home remedies for ear mites

    It takes approximately 21 days for ear mites to develop from egg to a mature adult. They can live for about two months inside your pet’s ears while they continually reproduce. To effectively eradicate ear mites, treatment must cover the whole life cycle. Treatment should therefore be followed...
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    Toilet training?

    I've never done it but I think its something like this, put a piece of plastic wrap under the toilet seat and put litter in it. Once she gets used to doing it on the plastic wrap then you know she's got the idea so then remove the litter and plastic wrap and see if she will use the toilet...
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    My lil guy is so itchy and its not fleas

    Get some unscented baby wipes. Wipe his face, feet and belly everytime he comes in from outside to get off as much of the irritant as possible. Do not use anything scented around him like scented candles, room deoderizers, unscented laundry soap ect.
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    A gift from

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    Cat has stage 1 kidney failure plus wicked cavity

    With a cat that age everything is risky. If it were my cat I'd give her pain meds to keep her comfortable and feed her baby food. Heat it up just a little so she can get the scent and most cats will lap it right up. Or if you give her regular wet food put it in a blender and make it as mushy...
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    Cat is sick I don't know what to do

    One of my bengals had a cancerous inoperable tumor in his chest making it hard for him to breathe, He was not going to get better and had to open his mouth to breathe, I couldn't leave him that way so I had him put down that afternoon. Hardest thing I've even had to do but when the time comes...
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    Top 5 indoor plants poisonous to dogs and cats

    NSOLUBLE CALCIUM OXALATES. One of the most common plant poisonings in dogs and cats involves plants from the Araceae family. These common houseplants contain insoluble calcium oxalate crystals and typically include the Dieffenbachia genus of plants. Examples include philodendron, pothos, peace...
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    Kitten dry nursing on toy breed dog

    they will work it out themselves, when the dog has had enough she'll let the kitten know. Kitty will get the idea and stop
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    Hello, forum!

    hello and welcome to the forum
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    Cat is sick I don't know what to do

    f your cat won’t eat, what could be causing it? There are many causes of feline anorexia including: Reaction to medication. Some antibiotics, for example, can cause nausea in some cats. Pain anywhere in the body (not just limited to mouth pain) Changes in the environment that cause stress in...
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    Cat Nearly Dies After Licking Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Cats are curious by nature and with their ability to leap on any surface, nothing is out of reach for them. While most pet parents try to “pet-proof” their homes, pets always seem to find the one thing that can cause harm. Cat-owner Maddie Smith, from New Zealand, took to Facebook to share a...
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    cat one liners

    Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs. What is a cat’s way of keeping law & order? Claw Enforcement. Did you hear about the cat who swallowed a ball of wool? She had mittens. What do you call the cat that was caught by the police? The purrpatrator. Why is the cat so grouchy...
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    Cat is sick I don't know what to do

    read this article then decide if you want to try the silver The Rediscovery of Colloidal Silver the Super Antibiotic
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    Cat is sick I don't know what to do

    if she won't eat the baby food or doesn't seem to be getting better then take her to a vet teaching school or hospital. They won't stop looking until they find the answers to her problem. They are no more expensive than your regular vet and may be even cheaper. They have seen it all so that...
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    Cat is sick I don't know what to do

    try feeding her baby food, that is soft and mushy and most cats will lick it right up. she has to eat to get stronger. An ultra sound is a good idea to see if they can pinpoint the problem. Not evryone will agree with me but I'd be giving her colloidal silver, if there is any bacterial...
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    Starving Dog on Island Gets A Chance At A Good Life

    Lucky little dog
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    Hello Anthony, welcome to the forum
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    Study suggests cats understand their names

    Sometimes, usually just look at me and meow
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    Study suggests cats understand their names

    mine know their names, if I say their name they will look up at me and meow
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    Daisy is throwing up

    propectalin will settle her stomach, if you get the pill form give her a quarter of a pill, they are chewable, if you give her the paste form put some on your finger and put in on the roof of her mouth, she will lick it off its also good for loose stoole...