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    Tablet apps for cats

    So cute, I've seen similar pictures/vidoes of cats playing games online. So nice of your granddaughter to think of her kitties! :D
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    Vetsource offering free delivery through hospital

    Sounds like a spam email to me, just advertising, Vetsource promotion, etc.
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    A gift from

    They're portraits of her pets and I think it was just a free gift for being a good customer.
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    My lil guy is so itchy and its not fleas

    I've been using Zymox shampoo and conditioner for my dog since he's been having seasonal allergies for several months starting late summer (August), he's had itching and I'm working on it to see if I can eliminate the seasonal problem in a more natural way. Also using the Dinovite supplement in...
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    Cat has stage 1 kidney failure plus wicked cavity

    Good luck with her, it's a bad spot you're in. I agree with Linda and would avoid putting her under anesthesia for the tooth, pain meds are better option. Also, you can mix the food with water to make it more loose, and please be sure to not have it too hot or too cold. Any extreme temps are...
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    Pet Shows/Events/Meets in your Area

    There may be guests reading who are from California CatMom.
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    Cat is sick I don't know what to do

    I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, I know you're very sad and upset. I'm glad the shot and fluids helped her a bit, my heart goes out to you, it's terrible when we have to make such decisions for our sickly pets.....hugs, hope you have some quality time with her.
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    Hello, forum!

    Hello and welcome! 🙂
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    Cat Nearly Dies After Licking Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Thanks for the warning Linda.
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    In Loving Memory Of Lady G.

    I know you're still hurting Jeffrey....hugs, she was a sweet girl. 💙
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    Welcome Anthony, do you have any pets? 🐶
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    Starving Dog on Island Gets A Chance At A Good Life

    Thanks to this kind man and all who helped him along the way. 👍
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    Study suggests cats understand their names

    That is strange to me, does she purr?
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    Daisy is throwing up

    I agree, good advice. I do the same with my cat. He recently was doing a lot of attempting to cough up a hairball. He has super thick fur and can sometimes have hairball problems. Even though he wasn't vomiting for a typical condition, he did vomit once and I saw no sign of fur. Beside...
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    Daisy is throwing up

    Good that there's no blood involved, hope she's feeling better today.
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    Greeting the World for the First Time

    No, it's just a cute photo I found online that I wanted to share here.
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    Daisy is throwing up

    Sorry to hear about Daisy CatMom. What does the vomit look like, is it like dry food, wet food or yellow/white bile? I'm not sure what could have upset her stomach, but cats are known to vomit now and then, there are a lot of cartoons and jokes about it. How is she doing now, is she feeling...
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    Study suggests cats understand their names

    My cat definitely understands his name and will almost always respond by mewing or come when called.
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    My Fatal Mistake with Sarge & Pixie

    Glad to hear you're giving Sarge a second chance. I think if you're extra protective of your rabbit, there won't be a problem. Your cat can get away if needed, but I doubt that will be an issue. Small creatures like rabbits and squirrels are high prey instinct animals, even friendly mellow...
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    exposing rodeo cruelty

    I always was against rodeos, even talked to a cowboy once who was bragging about abusing a horse. Rodeos, circuses, seems that any attraction to entertain people involving includes abuse and harsh treatment up to death.