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  1. Krystn Janisse

    Pet sitting, and I think the dog may have fleas?!

    It doesn't look like fleas, but I can't be 100% sure. A bath would be the right call. Use a dilution of 5-10% apple cider vinegar to water when you bath him. Pitties are notorious for skin issues, allergies, and sensitivities to change. Even anxiety used to exacerbate skin reaction in my old...
  2. Krystn Janisse

    Fruits and Vegetables That Are Toxic For Your Dog

    @Yetidog37, I always supervise my dog when eating, but choking is a possibility for any dog that doesn't chew properly. My dog loves crunching on icy treats, but you can also feed the pureed veggies with their regular meals instead of freezing it into cubes. I like the frozen treats because they...
  3. Krystn Janisse

    Dog forgot potty training?

    Is he peeing normally? Straining? It might be worth talking to your vet just in case it is a urinary tract issue. Infections can cause frequent urination, incontinence, and even some confusion.
  4. Krystn Janisse

    My Cat Is Sucking His Own Nipples

    Have you looked into some anxiety remedies? It sounds like he is stressed and probably sensitive to changes in the home or routine. I use a pheromone diffuser whenever I am anticipating changes in my home, like a new animal, guests coming over, or moving. The pheromones help to naturally calm...
  5. Krystn Janisse

    Daisy is throwing up

    Try feeding multiple small portions of food throughout the day instead of more substantial portions. If something is bugging her tummy, then small meals will be easier to digest. I'd recommend giving her extra water in her food too. This will prevent dehydration and improve digestion.
  6. Krystn Janisse

    Fruits and Vegetables That Are Toxic For Your Dog

    Alpha1, what a great list! I feed most of the fruits and veggies on your safe list as treats. I love adding fresh ingredients to my dog's meals too. He loves them, and they are natural sources of vitamins and minerals. I like to mash my produce or toss it in the bender. This way I can freeze it...
  7. Krystn Janisse

    Fancy Feast: Advice & Opinions

    Try Tiki cat, Almo Nature or Weruva. They both make some good quality wet foods that use different types of fish, seafood, or chicken. They will be of much higher quality than the Purina and you might be able to find a flavour that is close enough in flavour to the Purina whitefish. All three...
  8. Krystn Janisse

    Side Effects of Steroids on Dogs

    Great info! Corticosteroids like Prednisone are often prescribed because they have a tendency to work quickly. Most pet owners are happy with the results, so they don't think about the long term repercussions of suppressing their pet's immune system. Don't be afraid to ask your vet about...