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  1. wombat

    Home remedies for ear mites

    Thank you for that helpful info.
  2. wombat

    Types of Aggressive Dogs

    Good article Thanks Linda.
  3. wombat

    Tablet apps for cats

    Our grandaughter has some of these games on her tablet for her cats, they love these games.
  4. wombat

    Hello, forum!

    Welcome to the forum.
  5. wombat

    Starving Dog on Island Gets A Chance At A Good Life

    So sad to see a dog looking like that,and so glad to see someone saved him.
  6. wombat

    Dog eats noodles

  7. wombat

    Fruits and Vegetables That Are Toxic For Your Dog

    Thank you for that article Alpha1.
  8. wombat

    Sleepy Time for Baby Ducklings

    Awww so sweet.
  9. wombat

    My Fatal Mistake with Sarge & Pixie

    I was sorry to read about what Sarge did to your little pixie my sympathy to you and your family, you must be shattererd after trying to do the best for Sarge as well.
  10. wombat

    exposing rodeo cruelty

    Oh linda2147, I could not watch the video,it makes me feel sick just to think about what these so called MEN do to these poor cattle and horses, I get so angry at the way some animals are treated at the hands of human beings. There is a tv channel here just dedicated to rodeo's, I have to...
  11. wombat

    Trained Therapy Dog?

    Sarge is a pretty smart dog I would say, It is a pity that we don't know how their previous owners treated them or how they were trained.
  12. wombat

    Just put my cat down. How do I start to feel better?

    Sorry to read of your loss RIP kitty.
  13. wombat

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome Brigette66 cute little dog you have.
  14. wombat

    Post pictures!

  15. wombat

    I received a custom paint by numbers of my dog!

    What a lovely gift, enjoy.
  16. wombat

    What to Feed a Dog with Arthritis

    Interesting article thank you linda,
  17. wombat

    A dog was attacked and put to sleep

    How very sad I feel for you Xxxxx it must have been terrifying, but please dont blame yourself. (((hug))) I had an experience once when two dogs came into our yard when I opened our gate they were going to attack me, but my husband came to my aid just in time, I was terrified of dogs for a very...
  18. wombat

    Happy Birthday Phoenix

    Happy 8th Birthday Phoenix,you are a beautiful girl❤. I just love Shepherds .
  19. wombat

    summer dog treat

    Thanks for that recipe linda2174 I will give that a try for our Lab in the summer time,I have just started giving him olive oil that you suggested in another thread.
  20. wombat

    Cute Cats and Kittens

    Love the cute kitty pictures Alpha1.