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  1. LittleGoldSnail

    Colorful Fish From Around the World

    Nice! Except a lot of those weren’t fish, lol. I think including a few other fish, such as powder tangs, longnose angels and a few others. There are also freshwater fish that blow some saltwater fish out of a the water (pun intended). Odessa barbs, German blue rams, killifish, discus...
  2. LittleGoldSnail

    More baby chicks!

    Yes, since she’s is part blue she is lighter in color. She is also slightly less mature (just by a day or two) we think.
  3. LittleGoldSnail

    More baby chicks!

    In the first pic, Sonata is on the right, Sparrow (the one my sister named) is on the left (so you guys know which one is which).
  4. LittleGoldSnail

    More baby chicks!

    I’m going to go see if I can take some pictures now. @cluckmecoop7 You'll want to see them.:)
  5. LittleGoldSnail

    More baby chicks!

    Hey guys! We just got two little baby chicks. They are 4 wks old. Both EEs (Easter Eggers). They are super super cute. My dad picked them up. When he brought them home, my sister and I went to take them out of the cardboard box and they just cuddled in our arms and dropped off to sleep, so we...
  6. LittleGoldSnail

    Quiet Filter Pump Recommendations

    For quiet I would recommend the tetra whisper 10, and maybe you could supplement it with a small sponge filter running some of the time. But may I ask what type of turtle you have in a 10 gallon? That is really really small for a turtle. Even a small musk turtle needs more then that.
  7. LittleGoldSnail

    My dwarf hamster has a limp

    Are there any outer signs of injury? How bad is the limp? Does the leg look like there are an abnormally shaped places? Is anything swollen? Is it bent funnily? Can it move its toes? I agree with @CatMom1994 on taking it to the vet, that is probably your best bet.
  8. LittleGoldSnail

    'Murder Hornets,' with sting that can kill, land in US

    I was meaning the part about it killing people. I think that is a little exaggerated. I live in Oregon, and I've heard of murder hornets, but they just have a bad sting and are dangerous to bees, I extremely doubt they can actually kill people. I bet it's just like a black widow spider. Painful...
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    'Murder Hornets,' with sting that can kill, land in US

    Sorry, but I find this a little hard to believe. Where is this article sourced from?
  10. LittleGoldSnail

    Coda (my red and black oranda)

    That’s what the lady at the pet shop said when I picked him out. He was adorable. I still miss him even though I only had him a few days.
  11. LittleGoldSnail

    Blisters on my turtles foot and tail I think I burned my turtles feet , i was cleaning the tank and put my turtle in the sink, the water was way to ho

    Hot water could definitely cause blisters. Might I ask why you put him in the sink in the first place? Regular maintenance should just be a 50% waterchange which shouldn’t require you to remove the turtle.
  12. LittleGoldSnail

    My Pacific Sideband snail

    Hey guys, I got a new pet! My sister found him by the chicken coop and told me about him. When I found him he looked a little beat up, but he’s doing really well now. When we found him, he had a little bit of a dent in one of his eyes and he acted like he couldn’t see out of it, so we named him...
  13. LittleGoldSnail

    More chicks!

    Awwww! They are so cute! I’ve always loved the blues. I agree the first one doesn’t look very much like a sex-link, but it’s been a long time since we’ve had sex-link chicks, so my memory is a little fuzzy (pun intended).
  14. LittleGoldSnail

    Help me name my ranchu

    Okay, I think it’s settled on carrots, that’s what I’ve been calling him lately and it seems to fit. He’s getting super friendly now and gets all excited to see me. Here are more pics for the sake of cuteness.
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    Can You Help Me Choose A Pet?

    They are totally worth it to me! I was just letting the OP know that they do require outdoor space and a little more work then most indoor pets.
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    Help with pac man frog

    It sounds like he needs more substrate, how much do you have in there? Also, for your information, a 10 gallon is quite small for a Pacman frog. They get 8” long, I would recommend upgrading to like a 20 gallon or something when you can. I know they are ambush critters, but they still need...
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    Help me name my ranchu

    I didn’t think of that! That a good idea.
  18. LittleGoldSnail

    Help me name my ranchu

    Agree, I seem to keep calling him my little wiggley carrot.
  19. LittleGoldSnail

    I love my ranchu, he’s so so cuute. I can’t stop calling him my little wiggley carrot.

    I love my ranchu, he’s so so cuute. I can’t stop calling him my little wiggley carrot.
  20. LittleGoldSnail

    Daisy health reports

    Sorry to hear about daisy. I know it must be a pretty hard time right now. My condolences.