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  1. linda2147

    Do you think i made it clear enough to my sister that i dont approve of slapping dogs?

    she'll get it if the dog snaps or bites her or someone else you can't help someone that doesn't want to be helped and you can't fix a problem if they don't addmit they have one.
  2. linda2147

    My Dog's fur is changing. Is it a normal change?

    as they mature the coat and coloring can change, nothing to worry about
  3. linda2147

    Meet my boys!

    they are very intelligent and learn things they sometimes shouldn't and get into things they shouldn't do butthey keep you on your toes. My male is a big boy at over twenty pounds, veryu mellow, the loittle girl is average size but can be a demon.
  4. linda2147

    Meet my boys!

    nice little fur family. I have a german shepherd and two bengal cats and a siamese rescue
  5. linda2147

    Do you think i made it clear enough to my sister that i dont approve of slapping dogs?

    hitting a dog under any circumstances is not good it will make them hand shy and could cause them to bite someone that reaches out and just wants to pet it.
  6. linda2147

    Collar/Harness Preferences?

    you shouldn't walk with a collar, it could damage the throat so use the harness for walks. If you want to keep a collar on them in the house get a break away cfollar, so if they get caught on something they won't strangle themselves.
  7. linda2147

    Dog fighting

    they will fight and it might get nasty. And worst case senario is they both mate with her then you will have a mess of pups and the little can have different fathers. The most fertile times are the tenth to thirteenth days. If you have to board her until its over then have her spayed mid...
  8. linda2147

    Need help finding possiblities

    she needs to see a vet asap. This is not normal. If your regular vet won'ts see her take her elsewhere. They can sedate her so no reason for your vet not to see her.
  9. linda2147

    I'm getting a long-haired dachshund in 2 days, any advice for a new puppy owner?

    what exactly do you want to know?
  10. linda2147

    Aussie and husky newborn size difference? Pregnant Dog?

    most puppies when born are about the size of the mother's ear. these could be a little bigger but I think it will be no problem. If she is in labor more than twelve hours with no pup being born you need to get her to a bet ASAP You may also want to have her xdrayed now and you will know...
  11. linda2147

    Do you think i should start paying for my moms dogs anti inflammatory pills if i walk him on pavement, when i knew that could make his arthritis worse

    arthritis is going to hurt no matter where he walks, just don't let him burn his feet on hot pavement or tar. when you get home soak his feet in epson salts that will be cooling and soothing to his feet but arthritis or not he still needs some kind of ecercise or he'll be so lame he won't be...
  12. linda2147

    My Two Rescues!

    welcome to the forum. Always nice to hear when someone chooses to adopt an animal that needs a home.
  13. linda2147

    My foster kitten has worms and I don’t know what to do.

    its not a big deal. Most kittens and puppies are born with worms. The vet will give you some wormer and you will give it to her every two weeks until the sample comes back clear at least twice. Reason being the wormer will kill the adult worms but not the eggs the worms have laid eggs that...
  14. linda2147

    World's greatest pet owner!!

    welcome to the forum. There is uusualy someone around to answer any questions you may have. AYou are at the right place, a lot of very edxperienced animal owners here.
  15. linda2147

    Infected paw

    did the vet do xrays:? could be the paw is broken. He will be fine until you get him to a vet. An xray won't show soft tissue damage but it will show if there is a brake. The damage could be to a bone in the leg not the paw itself.
  16. linda2147

    Will Euthanized Livestock End Up in Pet Food?

    Susan Thixton of 'The Truth About Pet Food' wrote an article about INCREASED number of farm animals being euthanized due to COVID-19, and HOW these animals may end up in Pet Food. The Baltimore Sun states “Nearly 2 million chickens at farms in Maryland and Delaware will be destroyed instead of...
  17. linda2147

    Is This Dumb?

  18. linda2147

    Tips for fearful/unsocialized newly adopted rescue

    I felt so bad for her, she was a beautiful shepherd, someone paid a lot of money for her only to abuse her. My bet thought was east German lines, and probably expensive. She was such a nice girl, and she bonded to me so quickly probably because I was the only one that ever showed her any...
  19. linda2147

    Tips for fearful/unsocialized newly adopted rescue

    the crate was in the backroom with the door open, when she decided to give up the crate she's slept either on the side of my bed or on the bed itself. l kind of crowded with the other shepherd on the bed and three cats that sometimes sleep there also