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    Best time to adopt a new cat?

    I'm 67.
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    My sister adopted a new kitten

    I agree with Mechi, if it turned out fine, that's all that matters. The mother probably had second thoughts about keeping a cat while she was away for the weekend. If Malerie is just a young girl living with her mother, than the decision to keep any pets rests on the mother's shoulders, not...
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    Has your dog reacted badly to 'Cytopoint' injection (new anti-itch shot)

    @ashwed , he was a beautiful dog, so sorry for your loss, I know your heart is hurting. May he rest peacefully.
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    Legal discrimination - the fastest move in my life

    Your new place and the bike look great, but you lost me on the old apartment. What did xanax have to do with anything, and where exactly did the discrimination come into play?
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    Best time to adopt a new cat?

    Looks like you have a long way to go before getting another cat, they won't even start work on the roof until the beginning of 2021? I feel bad for you, I wouldn't want to wait so long. Your mother is older than me, are you sure she even wants to get another cat at all?
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    Food in Gravy or Jelly?

    I've fed my cat pretty much two brands of canned foods since he's been a kitten, Wellness and Natural Balance, the Pate style. He doesn't like solid chunks in gravy. Be sure to feed kitten formula, and not the adult form. Welcome to the forum! :)
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    Dog breeding

    I agree, don't breed the dog, have him neutered instead.
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    My Cat Today

    @ZoOK33p3r , thank you so much, I'll give him a hug and tell him you said that. 💚
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    My Tigger (girl) Had To Leave Us

    Very sorry to hear that @Saav , rest peacefully dear Tiggy.
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    Concerning dark bump on my puppy :(

    Welcome to you and Toki, it's hard to tell from the photo, but I'm thinking it may be a tick. I have removed a couple from my dog over the years, and I just try to make sure I get it out completely without hurting the dog in the process. I never followed instructions, but they can be found...
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    Introduction 😁

    Hello and welcome!
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    Does anyone have a cat tattoo?

    @BryanB , I love my cat very much, but don't have a cat tattoo. Here's some good ones though.
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    Cytopoint - causing possible joint pain

    Welcome @Cocoa-kevin , over a week is a long time to be sore from an injection. How is she doing now, any better? Just from all I've read here, I would not give my dog that injection, and he does have some itching each summer from seasonal allergies. I wouldn't let them give you dog any more...
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    My axolotl is sick

    Hello and welcome, I have no real experience with fish. LittleGoldSnail is very knowledgeable and has good advice, I hope she can help you....good luck!
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    new dog owners looking for a list of things to welcome my adopted dog

    Welcome! What kind of dog are you adopting, puppy or older adult? If you have a yard, you can make sure that the fence is secure all the way around, no loose pickets, holes under the fence, etc. You should get a quality food and healthy treats for the dog, the best you can afford, read the...
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    My Cat Today

    I have a small jar of treats on the kitchen counter.
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    What's With That Foot!

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    My Cat Today

    Maybe he thinks I have treats hidden in there. :D
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    Social skills

    Welcome @Byulstars ! What breed of dog do you have? When you say stray dogs, do you mean their owners are near but they're not on leashes? I suggest you just slowly socialize your dog with one or two other dogs, may someone in the neighborhood has friendly dogs who can visit with yours in the...
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    Welcome @carrieb ! I have no experience with hives, but since you say it's happening when she's outside, then it must be some type of plants, weeds, lawn chemicals/fertilizer, etc. Did the vet do any allergy tests? They can probably pinpoint if it's pollen, etc. causing the problem. Good...