Koda Bear is a vetted, neutered 10 m white shepherd/samoyed mix & ready for his big adventure home!

Koda likes to wake up in the morning, give a little howl with his pack, and he's ready for the day. He happily plays for hours, sharing his toys and playing tug of war with dogs on the farm. He is highly motivated & trainable by treats, loves fetch, cuddles and is affectionate.

He does not wander from our open property and enjoys the company of his pack. He is good with horses, sheep, cats, or anything that he knows is part of "his pack." He is kind, good natured and waggy-tail-friendly to delivery people, as well as humans of all ages. He loves to be pat by strangers and is friendly and approachable in public. Koda sleeps well in close quarters with his person.

Koda Bear's ideal home would be with an active family or couple. He is a great running companion and loves hikes. Koda also travels well in a car and makes a wonderful back seat traveling buddy. Koda currently lives with 7 dogs and meets up to 20 on the farm on any given day. He plays well with dogs of all sizes and takes treats well around them too. However, at dinner, Koda is feed separately as he shows inconsistent resource guarding towards other dogs. With some training we believe this can be fixed!

Koda Bear will be the dog of a lifetime to the right, loving owner!koda 1.jpg