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Tito (Boxer/pitbull mix) for Adoption

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    Tito (Boxer/pitbull mix) for Adoption

    Hi all, I recently created an account here to help this little guy get adopted. Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 11.45.09 AM.jpgtito!.jpg

    His name is Tito. He is a 3 year old, neutered, brindle, male Boxer/Pitbull mix. He was rescued as a stray off the streets in the Washington D.C. area, but hasnít found his permanent home yet.

    He is a very loving and compassionate dog currently in search of a forever home and loving owners.

    Tito lived with a friend of mine for a while until some exposure to other dogs led us to realize he had aggressive tendencies towards smaller dogs. Sadly we live in a city with other dogs around us constant

    He plays well with bigger dogs, and loves human companionship and his toys! He love other people and he is extremely cuddly. He responds well to treats and he is house trained and crate trained.

    He just needs a single dog environment, preferably a family or suburban home where he wonít be around dogs as often.

    If you are interested and think Tito could be a good fit please contact me at
    Also Tito is up for adoption on the adopt a dog link I will share below.

    I know their are dangerous people out there that might see this as an opportunity, but just know this dog will not go to anyone I have even the slightest suspicion of.

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    Oh Tito, you are such a dashing boy.

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    That's awesome that you created this account to help Tito get adopted. I'm sorry but I have a houseful of cats and I really can't add another animal to the mix. Much luck that this sweet baby finds a good loving home

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