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Mac Dawg Deserves a good home.

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    Mac Dawg Deserves a good home.

    Mac is an affectionate, obedient companion. He is good with cats, dogs and children. He has a wonderful personality and demeanor. He is around 3 year old and neutered. My demanding lifestyle and work schedule do not give me adequate time to spend with him. He is best suited for a warmer climate because he is a short hair. I am more than willing to commute to help relocated this amazing animal. It brings me to tears to have to take him back the shelter. If anyone is interested we are located on the west shore of Lake Tahoe in Tahoma. My phone number is 530-523-3857 and my email is Feel free to contact me with any questions.
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    Very sweet face on Mac I have a house full of cats and live in PA but I hope someone here adopts him.

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    He looks like a very nice dog, I really hope he gets a good home very soon, good luck. Please let us know if he's been placed with a new family.

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    What an sweetheart. I pray he gets a good home. Can you find a foster home instead of the kennel? It will break his heart Let us know please

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