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9-month adorable yellow lab needs a new home

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    Red face 9-month adorable yellow lab needs a new home

    I am a graduate student located in DC. I will be moving to NYC for work after graduation. Due to work schedule and economic reason, I will have to find my yellow lab a new home and responsible owner.

    Koko is a 9-month adorable and energetic labrador retriever puppy. He is 60 lbs and has good figure. He has completed all the required vaccines and he is neutered. He has taken heartworm and roundworm preventions. He enjoys the companion of people and other dogs a lot. He usually sleeps in the crate at night. He is very smart as he has learned basic obedience tricks. He can pee/poo outside or on wee wee pad. He has also taken courses on leash training. He is looking for a new forever home with yard and loving owner(s) in the DC area.

    I can be reached anytime by phone 607-379-7168 or e-mail Please feel free to contact me regarding any additional information. Thank you!


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    Awwww! He looks cute to me! I hope he gets a good home.

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