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Can you wonderweb dog toys?

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    Can you wonderweb dog toys?

    Our 14 week old puppy is going through one stuffed toy every 3-4 days at the moment! Rather than having to buy new ones every time I was wondering if I could just wonderweb the holes in them and give them back?Iím disabled and canít sew

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    instead of giving stuffed toys that are destroyed quickly why not get an antler, antlers are hard and the dogs love them, just make sure you get one with the points on it as a flat one can slide down the throat and choke him. Get a fairly large one and he'll have it for a very long time
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    The Kong toys with treats in them are pretty rugged. My 85-pound Boxer/German Shepherd mix hasn't been able to mangle one yet.

    Also along with antlers, bully sticks are cool too.

    Good luck!


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    Stuffed animals are the worst. Every dog I've had just shreds them. I'm not talking about their toys, I don't give them stuffed animals. They steal my children's stuffed toys and destroy them.

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    One of my babies tears one of the arms of his toy. I was so shocked, it has cigarettes butts in them. Now I don't recommend stuffed toys to anyone.

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    My dog usually get stuffed toys from my baby's bed and it wasn't teared until now. I think you should give him an antler as what others have suggested.

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