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Do cat whiskers grow back?

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    Question Do cat whiskers grow back?

    My cat got a little too close to either the gas flame on the stove in our camper, or the candles we had lit. His whiskers aren't bad, but I noticed in that some of them are curled and maybe shorter than they were. Do whiskers grow back to full size, or once they're gone that's it?

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    Awww, poor Loki! I would think that they would grow back but I don't know for sure. Maybe they only grow back if they fall out?

    Stop the presses! I had to Google that one and it looks like they do grow back.

    "Whiskers not regrowing is an old wives' tale that keeps being spread around. The whiskers on any mammal are really nothing more than specially modified hair."

    If it is on the Internet then it has to be true!

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    Thanks Eslucky! He has some lessons to learn when it comes to safety, but they're not too bad, just squiggly at the ends. Hopefully he won't get any closer to flames in the future, at least I don't have to worry about his tail.

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    Oh wow, my cat's name is Loki too, and he's just as mischievous! He's curled his whiskers a few times on the kitchen stove too, but they definitely grow back. They also fall out on their own too, I've found more than a few of them lying around. They're actually quite sharp! I made the mistake of testing just "how sharp" they were and pushed one straight through the pad of my finger, it was pretty painful haha.

    If you haven't noticed before, keep a closer eye on their whiskers. They don't always grow back their original color! Sometimes the white ones grow in black, or black ones will grow in white.

    Cat genetics are crazy.

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    I myself had this happen to the Himalayan/Siamese mix I had before. His grew back, it took a while, but they grew back. That, or they were replaced, but yea, he will get his whiskers back, no worries Alpha! =)

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